Throw ALL the colorpowder!

Hi dolls!

I wanted to do this shoot a long time coming and thanks to one of my amazing students (Sharda! Much love!) I was able to! She score some holi powder for me and all I had to do was find a location and people to throw (it at).

Thanks to the amazing guys from the Elbeweg and the Maxima-kazerne we found a remote spot! (THANK YOU RON MASSIVE THANKS!).

So all that was left is get everyone there (quite the roadtrip) and throw some color around! WOOHOO!

By the by! These shots are either by me, OR by my dad! It’s up to you to guess ;) (nerd hint, he has the 70-200 mm)

You might recognize Tarek :) (cause you know I actually don’t have a gazillion friends who fly around like that).

Keep a close eye! And also helping out with: ladders, carrying people, throwing the powder, saving eyes with too much powder in it. You know! Hero stuff!

I’ts been a long time since I got to take photos of Tarek and Kamy-Linne (oh please let me spell that right the first try) together. I loved it!

Isn’t this cool?

And isn’t she cool?

So. This is what we looked like :P

Ok really running low now on ppl who can do these kind of awesome moves. Meet Soesja! In some weird way this is the first time she was in front of my camera! WHUT!

Remember these two? You better! Cause they were on the photos that got me nominated for the Bruidsfoto Awards earlier this year remember? Roman and Nathalie!

Pretty cute pretty cute aww!

This is lovely Ilona! She was along together with Margot in matching outfits and everything!

I love it! They were a blast to have along for the day. I should always bring them to shoots. The firemen instantly started bringing them drinks :)

Margot, Roufaida and Ilona <3

Oh yeah! I love every photo of this shoot. I had to stop myself from posting them ALL.

Veerle and Edwin were there as well! Somehow they got the worst of it hah ;)

Which they didn’t mind at all!

Pretty and cute couple!

See what I mean ;)

The pattern in her hair! So Awesome!

Roufaida had a plan.. Fireman at the ready to help out ;)


How awesome is this :)

Moves! They got them!

She isn’t as blue as you would have thought right?

Aww :)

So! One couple got a black and white. Everyone else was totally bouncy and happy happy. But this was such a calm and inward pose, I tried it in black and white. I know, completely besides the point of the shoot but I love it anyway. It makes for a very still image somehow.

For your reference, it looks great in color too!

Apparently it washes out quite well.. If you have some dreft for you hair ;)

Who are that? René and Jasper were there as well (Jasper will you start a blog already!). René got some cool video footage of the day and Jasper took amazing shots too (BLOG THEM Jasper go go go!).

I should bring her as a pose instructor. Really. She was awesome :)

Margot and Ilone figured she now has ‘space leggings’, which you pay a lot for so score!

I’m not sure what happened to the powder throwing team here but I love the shot anyway :)

Margot in full action! Woo!

And a closeup!

Ilona is just letting it all happen! :)

Two cute girls!

Oh, actually, two cute pink and orange girls ;)

And again, they got the worst of it ;)

Roufaida managed to be supercute no matter what. HOW does that work!


It’s all biodegradable. No worries!

My love was there as well ofcourse <3

By the time he was up the throwing team really got the hang of it :)

After he rubbed his face the blue and yellow mixed and made for hulk colors! HULK CUTE!

Again thanks everyone for providing me with your lovely company and willingness to throw stuff around, just for the sake of me coming up with plans like that. I had a blast!

Much love to everyone!

ps video of this all will follow! Right René ;)?

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