Erasmusbrug vs Height Rescue Team

Did you know you’re not actually allowed to publish photos of the Erasmusbrug? Well, now you do. It’s architecture, and you can’t just go around duplicating that. Luckily we went INSIDE the bridge. There’s a ton of space to move around actually, and even two sets of elevators. Curious yet?

The lovely guys of the height rescue team gave me another call: ‘wanna come take pics of us in the Erasmusbrug?’. HECK yes. Like any Rotterdam-born there wasn’t a chance I would say no anyway of course. I prepared as best I could (I don’t take my full gear with me for example) and off I went. It was NOT as I expected. First off. It’s like stepping on a boat: it’s wobbly. Literally wobbly like a boat. Also it was quite warm in there (I am usually cold so..). Next up: a lot BIGGER than expected too. First thing I saw as I got in was a lunch table :’)

Some of the last daylight to be seen for some hours. Here we go!

                          ALWAYS double check.

Here you see some of the press listening to what the plan was. There’s a dude near the top with a broken leg. He needs to be rescued since he can’t get into an elevator.

White helmet means: chief.

Hello elevator nr one! The second one was basically the size of a pizzabox.

Dude! Your leg! Are you ok?

You can cross over from the one pyloon to the next under the bridge. Who knew!

A LOT OF STAIRS had to be climbed.

Also everything and everyone looked fab in black and white.

Those big rounds things? Yep not lamps (I still feel SUPER silly about thinking that). It’s actyally where the outside cables attach into the bridge.

Nooks and crannies. After a while you get a bit lost on how high, or even where you are.

They have located the broken-legged-dude. Just so you know: he weighs the same as an average adult male.

It was kinda dark, so headlights were in order (also looked great on the pics!)

So somewhere halfway there is a little hatch. Which opens. And BOOM you get a sense of the height you’re on.

The broken-legged-dude had to be transported down all those stairs (without him banging his head of course).

Dude is looking good!

No two floors were alike in the bridge. Well okay some floors but most of them were different. Which made it like an upright maze.

They had to set up their rigs again and again for each floor. Badassery.

Getting ready for the final lap.

So. The very top of the bridge is called: Hoedje (little hat). Kid you not. This wasn’t the only spot with graffiti by the way ;) The top slides up a bit so you can look (or climb if you’re slightly more brave) out.

And THIS is the view people. Lovely Rotterdam at your feet. We spent a good four hours in the bridge so this was literally a breath of fresh air. And quite the breath. It is always a blast to be with these guys, they are kind, calm, cool and collected. Super professional at that. And always fun to be around. Thanks again and.. the next date has been set already!

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