Respect for photography

Hi sweeties,

First off. I’m trying* to not make this a whiny post. Really.

The biggest part (make that 99.9%) of the people that I’ve made photos for are more than respectful towards my photos. It’s awesome and amazing to see what photos can come to mean for a family or any single person really. I’m blessed to be able to do this job and I get to work with such wonderful people.

On the other hand. There’s people out there who feel the need to change something about the photo I made. Usually this means cropping it in some way, but sometimes it also means altering it completely or adding things to it.

No doubt, I still love those people to bits. Hense the 99.9% of awesomeness**. DULY NOTED.

Now back to the cropping and crafting. Not going into the works of copyright and such. But just how it feels for me:
It’s a bit like ‘hey thanks for the pic, but it’s MUCH BETTER with just my face on it so I just cut the other stuff off’.

If you were a musician you could compare it to ‘great solo, I cut it out of the song though and made a happy hardcore remix cause I like that better YEAH m/’.

Not only does that leave me with a feeling of you actually not liking the pic, it leaves you with a non suitable image for web (or anything really, cause hey pixels don’t come out of thin air and now it looks like monkeypoop).

I am more than willing to talk to you about whether or not you’d like a different version of a photo, and if possible I’ll crop it for you personally. I want you to have something that you’re happy with. Which is why I usually take photos of not only your face but also you as a whole person and MANY MORE things. ALL the things ;) So you can have all the things =)

So really, please don’t edit my photos yourself***. Unless you’re my lifelong best friend and know EXACTLY how I feel about what you’re doing.****

*I’m sure you’ll let me know if I failed right =)
*** Sugar on top. Cherries optional.
**** You know who you are. If you don’t: don’t edit the picture or monkeypoop follows.

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