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7.5 years of Tall Tales Acrobatics

Once upon a time there were two acrobats. They were exceptional storytellers, using circus as their a tool. They asked me to make photos for their show called ‘Weg’ and I was hooked. Ever since we’ve been working together on creating images for their stories.

These two. The work ethic, the talent, the drive, the creativity, the endless practice, the constant growth. But also their kindness, their postcards, their open door, their positivity, their insights, their birthday songs. Proud to call these talented people my friends.

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TK Circus, or: Tarek and Kami-Lynne

I feel so much love, writing about these two artists. Love for getting to work with them because they are ridiculously talented and driven. But also for their friendship and blessed to have them be a part of my life.

I was graduating art school. I needed a topic to photograph, and Soesja told me about Tarek, who apparently needed photos too. He invited me to come see his training. I did. Clueless about modern circus, I had NO idea what I was in for. Boy was I about to have my mind blown.

Tarek is an aerial acrobat. He’s also an amazing dancer.

SIDENOTE: my memory is terrible, there shall be mistakes in time, places or both. Also 9 years of shoots. In just one blogpost. Let’s just say I did my best to choose a good representation. Read More

The Hef up close and personal

At this point I’ve been to a lot of really epic places with these men. De Hef now being one of them. The old railroad bridge is closed off for the public (for obvious reasons, falling off is really easy and really not good for you).

This structure is photogenic from every angle really, just on its own it would have been great. But combined with the drill the height rescuers were carrying out: amazing.

The scenario: mechanic fell and got stranded on ‘de val’. This is the moving part of the bridge. Just moving the bridge down is not an option ;)

There were a lot of steps to get up there I can tell you. I’m going to say half of the times you want to get a photo of this crew it involves a LOT of steps. Blessed be the elevators. BUT. This shot <3

And this view!

Can we talk about the second guy from the left? Because hanging over that fence just by itself isn’t enough right. I love this photo though. It’s such a big part of their job, to plan and communicate well.

They have special headsets too, because it would be sorta inconvenient to have to use one hand to hold your portable radio.

Somehow the moment when one of them lets GO of the ledge is the moment with the most tension in it for me. I obviously know they will be fine, they check, and get checked, and have a safety line as well as a main line. But just the human nature of letting go on such a height is impressive.

This is their team captain. You can spot him like this a LOT. Literally the eyes in the sky.

Here we go! The bridge is so cool to have all these different levels. There’s little stairs to little balconies all over the thing. For this shot I’m sitting down on the floor (well, grate) of one.

Mechanic Dummy has been saved. Imagine being in there though. Luckily the victim doesn’t descend on his own.

The bridge is such a cool feat of engineering, stemming from 1878. And here we are on top of it. Ok well, halfway down.

I was waiting for the prior shown captain to come down and get this shot. And I got this almost New York-ish photo from it.

In all honesty, this was a tough one for me. As long as I’m taking photos, all is well. I have something to literally focus on. But the grates, my brain just couldn’t wrap itself around them. I might have gone straight to sleep after this. Just shows how much training has gone into this job, before it becomes something not only normal for this team, but also to be able to rescue another human being while doing so.


Ascent is probably one of the coolest companies to ever do anything at all with. Specially when you’re me. Ascent Safety are specialized in height safety, rescue and medical first aid. When they need photos this means it is NEVER boring.

A whole day of shooting in the Electriciteitsfabriek with my models Rob, Corné, Dennis and Michel was epic. I am still not over how relaxed, professional and together these people all were.

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Erasmusbrug vs Height Rescue Team

Did you know you’re not actually allowed to publish photos of the Erasmusbrug? Well, now you do. It’s architecture, and you can’t just go around duplicating that. Luckily we went INSIDE the bridge. There’s a ton of space to move around actually, and even two sets of elevators. Curious yet?

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Kami-Lynne and Tarek Duo (also Kami solo ha!)


Two of my favorite circus people have finally started creating their duo act. And I got to photograph it! Woo! Also we did a shoot with just Kami in the same week. More woo!

I got it in my head we should take Kami and her hoop outside. Thus beautiful weather and opportunity arose and we went for it. This sounds easier than it was really. It took some tree scouting (great job Kami and Tarek) and some tree climbing and then some picking bits of tree and moss out of hair, but it was totally worth it.

ALSO since Tarek was in Holland anyway, we set a date for the duo pics. These two are amazing together. Just as I figured they would be. I love it. I can’t wait to see the whole thing. For now just the pics =)

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Veerle and Edwin: pre-baby (or: pregnant)

I feel so weird categorizing these posts as ‘pregnant’. It’s not like Edwin suddenly got bigger boobs you know. Either way THEY are having a baby. Soon! It’s so exciting! I’ve known Edwin forever. And Veerle a bit shorter than forever. And they’re going to be a mom and dad. And they are SO COOL about it. Dear god I’d be panicking all over the place.

Nevertheless these two had time to bake me cookies, give me tea and peptalk me through the day (I have a serious shoulder injury going on, which started the day before their shoot. Could not lift a water bottle. Not kidding).

Please enjoy these two pretty people. I know I did!


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Jeanin and Emek: Henna Celebration

A week before Jeanine and Emeks wedding I received the sweetest e-mail from the couple inviting me to their (!) henna celebration. I have NO CLUE what that is and asked if it was ok to bring my camera. They said sure but to make sure I didn’t work too much and enjoyed the food and party (gotta love these two, and their food <3). Well I went and photographed probably EVERYTHING.


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