Height Rescue Team: Nationale Nederlanden

When I got the phonecall asking me if I wanted to tag along on this drill i actually was screaming through the phone. YES. I photographed these guys before (there’s a photobook on the way, promise!) so I knew this was going to be great. and it was!

Good thing about firemen, they are easy to find. I arrived just as they were getting ready.

Understandably, they double check everything and eachother.

This guy is their team captain (bevelvoerder). He was explaining here that a window washer was hurt and stuck in the elevator they use. And what they were going to do to save him.

More strategy!

They carry around a shitload of things. It weighs a ton. Really. Since it wasn’t ok for me to fall of the building they secured me as well, and again, it weighs a ton.

The last tiny steps up to the roof.

There’s usually no group photos before a rescue ;)

Anywhere. Anytime. First thing they do.

We had SUCH a clear day. Wow. We could see all the way to Dordrecht.

Which had to be facebooked.

This building is HIGH.

I think this is called a scaffpack. Sure I spelled this wrong.

Setting up their safetylines.

Looks like this. Also. High.

The first two over were going to do the actual drill saving the window washer.

I had flutters everytime one of them went over. So weird. Wasn’t even me!

Doesn’t it look like he is sitting on the edge of the WORLD?

Look it’s the WHOLE CITY :)

Below him you see another orange speck. They are on their way to the little lift thing.

You can see the ‘victim’ (puppet) in the basket.

The guys from Nationale nederlanden were awesome and escorted me through the buildings to another roof (C19 in NN vocab). That was AWESOME cause I could make these shots. They’re getting the washer from the lift here.

AND down..


Window washer saved. Time for the rest to make the descend.

Check, check.

One of my favorites. I love the symmetry!

No, he did NOT drop it ;)

THIS IS FUN! (Seriously I would just be holding on to the building for dear life, they were having a blast hah).

Look! It’s our new central station :)

On the edge, of, the friggin world.

More checking. In case you’re wondering. I got checked for safety too. Of course. I have no idea how safety on a roof works, but I’ve never for one second felt scared around these men.

That over the edge moment. Reaaaallly

Descending like a BOSS. Keep in mind they had to be super careful as the entire building is made of glass.

It was SO COOL being up there. I’ve seen the building millions of times having lived in Rotterdam all my life. But I’d never even been IN IT. Let alone on top of it.

Thank you guys for having me over! It was AWESOME!

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