Photo by OAK & FIR
Photo by OAK & FIR

I am wildly enthusiastic about my work and the images I get to create. I studied ‘Digital Photography’ at the Willem de Kooning Academy art school in Rotterdam. Over time I developed a real and personal view. I believe that authentic photography will never go out of style.

Through my photography I am able to capture the stories of the world around me. This never ceases to be amazing.

I live in Hoek van Holland. Am Rotterdam born and raised, but longed for more air and less ‘busy’. With all the sand and sea here I more than got that, but with my beloved Rotterdam close by.

I am available for documentary or portrait photography. Feel free to contact me with any ideas or questions you have!

Clients & Media

Being a storyteller enables me to work with the most inspiring companies and amazing people such as:

Hunkemöller, CAOP, Beequip, NAI, Veiligheids Regio Rotterdam & ZHZ, Schooleidersregister, NMT, Lust for Life Magazine, Bruid & Bruidegom, Politie Rotterdam-Rijnmond, Gloed Communicatie, Ascent Safety,

TK Circus, Tall Tales Acrobatics, Circonstruction, Wij Zijn Gestrand, the height rescue team of the Gezamenlijke Brandweer and of course, together with my dad I am a wedding photographer:

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