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Little Mylo!

I’ve been a bit, away. Literally!

So expect some massive blogging to happen.

First up is little Mylo! He is three months old now and the cutest little cutie ever when I got to meet him. You might remember this shoot (click) where I photographed his mom and dad!

So without further ado, meet Mylo!

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Kunstbende: Zuidplein

Since I made a gazillion photos for Kunstbende i wont post them all. I decided a favorites post would be handy! If not for you, at least I’m happy about it ;)

Somehow I ended up converting the first Image to black and white. And loving it. So my favorites are all black and white!

The first two are both from the metal band that opened that day. They were like “WHATEVER have some METAL for BREAKFAST”. Loved it!

It was lunch time. Really. But still. Rocking it.

This lady had a female drummer with her. Thus. Favorite.

Anouk got second place in the dance category. She was so expressive. Even when you can’t see her face.

How can mister Oscar NOT be in my favorites? This fine gentleman was a great host as usual1

This girl WON the dance category! And I’m in love with this shot of Joyeuse!

The main man! Tim Prins. He tried to teach me to juggle. It failed (as I predicted).

This girl was in the ‘Young Stage’ act. I’m cluesless on who she is but I loved the performance!

And finally the winners for the music category! Atlax & The Fox. These guys were great and I love their songs!

I hope you’re anjoying this black and white phase ;) I don’t think I’m done with it yet!

Girls! This time: Rachael & Lara


I had to buy this white backdrop for a job and then it was just HANGING there. You know. Tempting me. So. I buckled (this went rather smootly, no bruises) and decided to have fun and drink tea. Oh and make some photos.

Also I decided on the spot I wanted MOAR so this week I’m shooting two more ladies. But I want to do even more. Guys are ok too! It helps if you have some modelling experience and are not terrified of me with a camera (I can be scary ROAR). Cause then it’s not longer fun and tea ;)



Meet Rachael :) I’ve worked with her once before, and it was nice to have some more time to play around. In love with this portrait. Most of you have seen it on fb already!


Should I warn for nudity..? Ehrm. SKIN ALERT.
She had a brand new tat that needed to be on a photo, so here we are :) I love how amazingly versatile she is. She can just pop 30 different things a minute at you.


Also she had a brand new hairdo! Love it! Oh and versatile ;)


And love this shot too! I’m very much into black and white for this ‘series’ so far. Not sure where it’s going yet but lets call it a series :)

And meet Lara! She is a talented singer/musician/songwriter and happens to be a model too (yay!). You can find her on facebook here (click).


Lara posted this on fb and called it ‘royal’. I totally agree!


She is so cute! Really though.


I love this edgy feel. It’s really where I want to go with this. I think ;) And also tea. Ofc.


And love this too! It’s so great to just bounce between you and the person in front of your camera. And when that works, great things happens. Or at least that’s how I feel =)


Not just cute, fierce too! Booyah!

I had a blast shooting these two ladies!

So again! Three more ladies coming up of which two in the coming week. If you have any ideas on this whole thing or want in: let me know. I’m afraid I can’t say yes to everything/everyone cause well. That just doesn’t work. There’s a certain picture in my head which I can’t really define yet. But that doesn’t mean I’m not open for suggestions or input! Lets go!

Diary: week 36 in black & white

This I’ve been glued to my camera mostly. And sadly I can’t publish most of them until they’ve been released in the book they’re meant for (BUT THERES A BOOK SO YAY!). I tried to keep up with ym diary a bit but it’s really hard for me to combine with assignments. As I’m super focused on well, the assignment.

This monday I took photos for the Solex team (WHO WON YEAH) with our mayor. These are totally not them. These guys are part of a wedding I kinda ended up in and took some photos of.. If anyone knows them. I have a kickass throwing the bouquet shot..

This week was also world harbour days week (or just wereld haven dagen). I was at work there as well accompanied by the best boyfriend ever. Really. Carried my gear all day like the gent he is.

THIS lovely cutie pie was there as well as her daddy is a fireman too :) (you might have seen my dad if you were there, he was hosting the fire brigade demonstrations!).

I wasn’t home that much but when I was I tried to keep up with all the photoshopping AND not locking myself indoors. I got these bright pink (why was this black & white thing a good idea..?) ear phones cause I lost the old ones. The next day I obviously found the old ones back.

MILK AND JUICE. I’m trying the healthy stuff.

My camera did a weird (not the good kind of weird) auto focus thing which i couldn’t reproduce. Which is good. Flukes are ok. But I ended up with a gazillion photos of my fee and the table and the floor..

Rocking the bread.. Doesn’t mozzarella look icky in b&w? BUT rocking the bread.. Can’t eat porridge all my life.

Boyfriend <3

I’m not really sorry for all the shoe shots. I like our feet together. Happy feet.

Also I’m not sorry for all the pics of his hands. I love his hands :)

This week is fruit give away week.. apparently. I need to make a photo of a pineapple. So they gave me a TON (pretty ones btw, they are handpicked). If I need more they’ll bring more. Gotta love the CoolFresh guys! :)

Also I went on a job with my dad in Arnhem. Where they tried to give us TWO crates of apples. That’s 44 apples. We managed to only take one and not insult anyone.


I loved this week. Ill love it more when I can post the photos I made but still. It’s superbusy. That’s why I’m a bit late with this. And also it’s a bit short. I’m ok with it ;)

Shot by Megin (or also week 34 in photos)

I figure I might as well come up with a new name every week for this post ;)

This week consisted of trying to wrap op Alice in Wonderland and that actually working out (yay!). So I didn’t do much besides editing for the first half of the week.


This deserves a photo. An avocado that’s not brown/terrible/etc by Albert Heijn.


Which I made yummy guac with for lunch :) (this is as far as ‘cooking’ goes with me. I actually cut my finger while making this..)


BUT IT WAS GREAT. Ok there was a bit too much onion in there. But I blame the recipe for that (it said one onion).


My morning face.. I’ve been sleeping terrible. If I do sleep I have nightmares. It’s very tiring. But I figured it’s a big part of my week so a photo of my morning fuzzyness.


New tags! For giving photos!


I went to Wijk Bij Duurstede to bring Luuk and Marieke their usb with photos! I’ll finally post a blog about their supersunny wedding soon!


This little foot belongs to Hugo!


He was VERY serious about meeting me. He is such a sweetie! He was very calm and demanded a hug from me. After which he retreated back to his mom very quickly. Who I was there to meet for sushi! And wedding talk! I had a lovely dinner with Linda in The Hague (where I can’t find my way to save my life but she’s a great tourguide hih).


Somewhere during the editting bit my aunt called me and said “Ikea?” to which I said: YES PLEASE. And so I escaped final cut pro ;)


And bought lots of goodies! Actually half of what I bought is for Marieke for her awesome baking things to be put on. You’ll probably see them in photos soon :)


I cannot leave Ikea without a blanket. Even if I go: NO BLANKETS. I see a new color. And come up with an excuse for me to buy it.


More Marieke stuff ;)


I GOT LUCKY. I got the last two of these duvet covers. Which I love. Which I got a huge discount (yes the 2.50 IS the price woo!). I already had this actually but wanted them for Hoek van Holland as well :)


I’m not that great at ‘real’ jewelry. This ring was given to me by my mom and dad and I rediscovered it. It’s so simple, but so pretty. And was given with love. <3


It was time for the annual Elvado bbq! OH MAN was that good food. Meint-Jan has his own fish stand and the salmon was to die for. All the food was great by the way, props for Bas and Meint-Jan for organizing this all. We had a blast :)


Somehow we ended up in Scheveningen. Which has this one awesome building. We went there to see The Wolverine by the way. Maybe I should blog about my geekyness some other day ;)


And when you turn around there’s a casino. Yeah.


The weird thing is I’m so used to the beautiful beaches in Hoek van Holland I expected this to be the same. It’s not. Scheveningen is a bit of a mess. BUT seagulls there, some of them: have AWESOME hair. Like. Really. But they kept running away from me so you’ll have to settle for this one.


This thing. What is up with it?


Sea and sand and shells are gorgeous everywhere though.


And badass seagulls. Look at him pose.


Shoes in sand :)


It’s a bit of a mess this beach. Apart from the Kurhaus. It feels like I’m in Salou. I’ve never even been to Salou.


Love :)



The beach was covered in little seagull feet. How cute!


As we drove back it started to rain and we saw birds everywhere huddle closely together.

Geen School!

A while back amazing Alette invited boyfriend and me to participate in the first Geen School dag (no school!). It meant the kids could do something out of the ordinary schedule for a week. They could pick any of their dreams and just go and do it with all the help needed at their fingertips (each kid had an individual coach, workshops according to their ‘profiles’ were sprung on them and the famous twitter hashtag #durftevragen was only a tweet away).

Some kids chose to organize a festival, other kids came up with solutions for cheaper cars for students and some of them decided all the fountains in the city should be orange (cause well: why the heck not).

I got to be one of the workshops that was sprung on one of the students. Sanne was ‘handed’ to me and we embarked on an afternoon of photography together. Pretty soon her boyfriend Loek, also a big photography fan, joined us and together we talked a lot about making photos and whatnot. We decided that it would be handy to do an assignment together they got from their photoclub. Check it out :)

The first part of the afternoon we spent practicing with field of depth and standpoint. After that we had some fun with a strobe!

These next two are the results of Sanne’s assignment! Thank you so much for sending me those!

Can’t wait to join another GeenSchool day! I had a blast and I hope Sanne and Loek did as well ;) Thank you for inviting Richard and me Alette!

Graduation part I

As you might or might not have noticed: I graduated! Oh yeah! Which is also the main reason I kinda neglected this blog. Completely. After the last post about Tarik everything became very much, busy..

But now! I’m done! And I figure it’s time to show any of you who haven’t seen them the graduation series. Since they are as different as could be I’ll start with the one about Tarik. That’s where I left off!

I have so many photos of this guy by now I can probably make a book, or two. I love this portrait because it explains so much about him, without him actually doing anything.

Also one of my favorites. This was in a theater all the way in Alkmaar.

This is at his physical therapist. A man kind enough to tolerate me around with a camera in his practice.

When I took the first photos I had no circus vocabulary whatsoever. Actually I still don’t. All I can tell you is that the black ropes are called straps. After a while I gave certain poses my own names though.. I think you can guess this one ;)

The point of the series was to not only show Tarik’s life on stage, but even more so the other side. Where he spends a lot of his time alone, training and being on the road.

I had a lot of fun making all these photos. I’m obviously not posting them all but you can imagine it took a lot of time from him and me. I love how photography can take me into a completely new world where I can just have a peek and am allowed to be amazed by it.