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Kami-Lynne and Tarek Duo (also Kami solo ha!)


Two of my favorite circus people have finally started creating their duo act. And I got to photograph it! Woo! Also we did a shoot with just Kami in the same week. More woo!

I got it in my head we should take Kami and her hoop outside. Thus beautiful weather and opportunity arose and we went for it. This sounds easier than it was really. It took some tree scouting (great job Kami and Tarek) and some tree climbing and then some picking bits of tree and moss out of hair, but it was totally worth it.

ALSO since Tarek was in Holland anyway, we set a date for the duo pics. These two are amazing together. Just as I figured they would be. I love it. I can’t wait to see the whole thing. For now just the pics =)

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Maartje tissu! (and a bit of Harm)

Just a week after their earlier shoot (click!) Maartje asked if I would like to make photos of her tissu act. BOY DID I. As you probably know I get really excited around talented people, specially when they want to work with me. So of to Zoetermeer with me, and on to spending an afternoon with Maartje and Harm running around her :)


YAY. Maartje has a very friendly and fun vibe around her. I love how that shows in all the photos. Though in the first one I have to blame myself for making her a bit mysterious with her back towards us and all ;)


See! There she is. She has so much fun in what she does. It’s awesome to be around.


I also love the colors of her outfit. They really stand out!


She really makes you want to do this as well. I mean. She looks so completely at ease and happy with it!


THIS PHOTO. ALL THE FREEDOM FEELINGS. Though I’m sure I’d fall right down to the floor ON my face trying to do this myself. Luckily I was on the floor and I got to capture this amazingness :)


She would look in the distance thinking about what to do next. Or to Harm, which inevitably led to smiles :)


Yay! More fun :)


And then all of a sudden she pull this almost 50-ies pinup pose! What! Awesome!


We tried for some actionshots as well, knowing the tissu would move and that they might fail miserably as you can’t really predict where her face or any of her limbs might be. BUT THEY WORKED!


She goes SUPERFAST. Towards the floor. Really. Winning!


Oh and also she has the strength to do this.


As mentioned Harm was running around as well. Mostly juggling and at times helping Maartje and me out.


Since I was there anyway, I saw no rules about not taking pics of him :)


He is jugglings and looking out of the window ladies and gentlemen. Yes he is.


I love how these photos aren’t too much JUGGLING but mostly about Harm.


And my absolute favorite of Harm. His movements are so finished and tight. You can’t really see that until you freeze it in a photograph. I love this!

Actually I really love the entire shoot. And working with Maartje (and Harm) again! Thank you guys again!

I have the coolest job ever. BAM.

Kami-Lynne Tissu

Remember the ultra flexible girl from the colorful powder throwing shoot? If not you can check right here.  She needed photos of her tissue act, and asked me to do it! Not only was I really excited, I dragged my dad along as well so he could get some different angles during the shoot (kidding he was excited as well ;)).


Kami and Tarek (who assisted during the shoot) picked the new location of Codarts for the shoot. YAY! There was a gorgeous wooden wall there as you can see.


But also this concrete wall! Happy is me.


And then we also got this amazing girl. I loved working with her. I had this compulsion to give her a series of photos to match Tarek’s. Which is kinda impossible cause there’s a gazillion photos of him really.

I love this. There’s a lot of black and white in the photos. I feel that in some shots it worked better, it makes it more graphical and her all the more human. I like the contrast between the two.


So here’s two perfect examples of my dad and me working together!


This epic shot is obviously my dads. I was somewhere sitting my bum on some mat while he was climbing stairs and finding this amazing angle!


These two as well. Kami-Lynne would do a ton of things and we would go WAIT WAIT DO THAT AGAIN. And we would see different things. This one is mine.


And this one is my dads :)


HA. I made one of Tarek just like this, him looking up and thinking. I love these in bewtween moments.


This is my favorite photo of the entire shoot. LOVE IT. The light one those fingers. The everything. Her. It’s almost like she’s floating, weightless. LOVE LOVE LOVE.


And we finished up with some portraits!


I challenged myself to make a photo that is completely Kami, but matched that of Tarek (sorry guys that’s what you get for being an amazingly athlethic cute couple). I think I did :) Even in the colors somehow. Hurrah!

I’m in love with this shoot. Really. I made this a while back but posting about it makes me feel completely the same. I love working with these two and I love working with me dad. I wouldn’t quickly print and frame one of my own photos for my own walls, but the weightless pic might just make it there :)

Thanks guys for a very relaxed and fun morning. Will see you when you get back from conquering the world in a few weeks :)

Maartje & Harm: Weg

I met Harm and Maartje during a 5 minute shoot for some promotional photos. I didn’t really get to talk to them much but lucky me they mailed me to make photos for them! Woohoo! The photos are for their act ‘Weg’ which you can check out here (click!)

Please don’t shoot me if I’m getting it wrong Maartje & Harm but their performance is about Maartje playing Harm’s wife. She wants to leave, and he wants her to stay.

They never speak but tell you the story through movement. It’s so cool and impressive.

Also they didn’t mind doing things a million times so I could get every angle!

CHECK THAT OUT. The trust between these two is something amazing to witness.

Her eyes. All points for pretty go to her eyes.

They played out the performance for me so I could capture the feeling. It was really cool in the middle of a field we got to ‘borrow’ from a local farmer.

Did I mention they were real troopers? We had to sprint out of the field several times with all our gear to hide from the rain!

They play this piece so well. Really. If you get the chance to see them perform. GO.

Look at our location! Woo!

And then there was this orange ball scene. WOW.

These two are making a new definition of juggling (ok circus folk please don’t laugh at me I know nothing of juggling and this is SO MUCH COOLER than creepy clowns).

Did you guess they’re the cutest couple in real life too? If not now I told ya :P I think it really helps how they perform together.

Also sexiest photo with orange ball EVER. DONE.

Right after this a MASSIVE amounts of rain came down so we ran for the car.

I loved their patience with me so I could make these kind of shots as well. I love the details and hands.

You see how she is looking away all the time? Wanting to leave. I love how all the photos portray a bit of the theme.

Though not sure she wants to leave!

Also they can do cool stuff!

Pretty girl!

Pretty boy!

I love doing shoots like this! Where I can try to add something to someone else’s creation. It’s superfun for me to work with such creative and talented people! THANK YOU Maartje and Harm :)