Wij Zijn Gestrand

Lately I’ve been up to lots of stuff that takes a long time to process. Or at least a longer time than a photoshoot! But more to come and finish soon!

One of these things was the making of a promo clip for Wij Zijn Gestrand. We were allowed to do this at Beachclub Havana where Richard and Rick actually started playing. It wasn’t a typical summerthing as it was quite literally freeezing! Hense the winter themed outfits ;)

Anyway! Check it out!

Awesome Nigel joined us and filmed a very cool behind the scenes. When it’s completely finished I will post it here as well of course!

For now feel free to like Wij Zijn Gestrand on Facebook (click) and if you share the video you can even win a show in your very own livingroom!

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