Weddings? Still love them! Marike & Yelins

This summer I was invited to Marike & Yelins wedding, in ‘De Achterhoek’. That could have been the sole reason for me to go there were it not that I was asked by lovely Alette who you might remember from an earlier blog. For this wedding she proved herself to be an epic weddingplanner. So a wedding in De Achterhoek, two of my lovely friends there AND a roadtrip! Hurrah :)

Marike & Yelins are a superfun couple, really. Nothing got them down. They created a very laid back atmosphere all around. This is the dvd cover by the way.

Just LOOK at that cake. Yes it tasted as great as it looks. Eliose did the catering for the wedding and did an awesome job! Check out her website here, you can also find some more food pics here.. I say go..

In the mud. They weren’t wearing shoes. And also cows were looking at us. I kid you not.

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