The Big Flashmob

We’ve been working on this for quite some time. When I say we I mean The Big Yes (click) ofcourse and not myself in plural. We figured we should do fun things to make people happy, and what’s more fun than organizing a flashmob with a choir and snacks for the audience? Right? I don’t know what is.

SO without further ado here it is:

I’m so psyched about it. Not just because it’s a flashmob. But because it took a ton of people to pull it off, and I love how much everyone made this happen. And how talented they all are.

I mean the choir is just fabulous, as is the band ofcourse, and Marieke made super amazing cakepops for the audience to nibble on. Then there was the film crew of six, the amazing Adrie for the audio mix, and then Jasper was running around making photos as well. Just, Wow.

Because there was lots to do right after the flashmob was over I’m afraid we couldn’t get the whole group for this shot. Nevertheless I love it!

Happy people with yummy cakepops! They were either chocolate or vanilla on the inside, surprise!

Did I mention my dad took these photos? And was there to film with us as well? Well he was. And I’m so grateful we get to do such fun stuff together!

In the next few days I’ll be trying to post some more pics of the flashmob as I get them, and I’m also trying to work on some behind the scenes material!

For now feel free to join us on facebook (click) for more regular tadbits of news!

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