As promised a bit more of explaining on the school assignment thing. For the School Cause I asked Tarik if he perhaps has a muse. And YES he does. To start getting to know him and what he does and is able to do I was allowed to visit his training. I actually was bouncing up and down next to him most of the time cause it was so cool.

It took some time to learn how to communicate. I have NO circus vocabulary whatsoever but by the end of the evening I got a bit more out than ‘do that cool thing again, you know, with that thing’. I daresay I had a blast!

The skills Tarik has, damn! Please check out his website. Fun! More photos to be made with him and his muse. If you by chance own a high building, with lots of concrete and great support beams and some amount of ambient light.. Let me know ;) Siked!

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