A roadtrip? A photoshoot? Cookies? I’M IN.

Thus commenced a trip to the sandiness that is the Lonense en Drunense Duinen (I’ve probably got the name wrong..).

From the minute we left the car we were just surrounded with the cutest and nicest people who were apparently also a bit shocked that two girls as pale as us were out in the sun. Nevertheless they advised us to use sunblock and then fed us cake and juice. I kid you not! <3

In between all this loveliness we also did a photoshoot.

A shoot in which I’m not quite able to ‘kill my darlings’. I love them all hah. Somewhere into the shoot we saw a horse and both decided it would be EPIC to have a horse in the shoot. But the horse was several miles away so we put it out of our heads since neither of use was going to run for miles in 30 degree sunshine.

BUT. Apparently it (or the owner sitting on the horse) had circled us and it passed us right by! A small sprint for Simone and we a real live horse. How cool!

So far for this sneekpeak cause I don’t think she has posted all of the shoot yet and I won’t spoil. Check out her upcoming bandproject (click) Aleph which I’m already a fan of to find some more of the photos as well!

ps: after the shoot I received a mysterious package that contained part two of the Hunger Games books! A thank you gift! Best. Gift. Ever. YAY!

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