Popcentrale Open House/High School Music Competition

This weekend was a busy one! With a secret shoot I’m not allowed to talk about yet, but also the ‘Open Dag’ or Open House at the Popcentrale AND the last (boo!) High School Music Competition in The Hague at Paard van Troje.

The secret shoot will remain secret for now but the Open House and HSMC I can post now of course!

This was the end of the workshop Double Bass (as you can see) by Stef Broks from Textures. A room, filled with: drummers. I was so glad I brought my earplugs.. ;)

Also a singing class by Sanne Monster (I hope I remembered that right!). Lots of little girls there and (much less little) Maarten from Bluefish.

Also Kit Carrera was there, who gave a very cool workshop on drums vs digital techniques and how you can influence your ‘sound’ as a drummer!

Also Tom van der Vat was there (Popunie ofcourse!) talking about Band Management!

It was a great day and I was very happy to be there. I could barge into every workshop and pick up some new info as well! Fun!

Sunday was a fun day as well! Sad too though, the last High School Music Competition finals ever :(

This is Koen from Final Four. He has the best/most epic hair ever. Period. The photo doesn’t even begin to do it justice ;)

This girl is Demira! And she WON! How awesome is that :)

Ronnie Flex! I have no hip hop knowledge whatsoever but his songs are very funny to me :)

And more pointing to the ceiling! Love the songs these guys played! They’re called Close Up!

I had a busy but very cool weekend! DO check out these cool bands please :)

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