Photo diary

I tried the last few days to drag my camera along everywhere I went. And take pictures of whatever it is I like.

I wasn’t sure why yet, but I figured it out later =)

The cool thing is, because these pictures are just for ME. As soon as I like them, it’s all good. It’s a very cool feeling. And brings me back very much to the awe I had when I realized for the first time I could make pretty things (which is super awesome).

As I am known to be a sucky consecutive blogger, I’m still going to try and post a diary every week. Just because it make me happy =) Expect lots of tea, food, boyfriend and doggies =)

FOOD. Hah. I love to have pasta for lunch. Some cheese and good to go. This is tortellini with cheese in it (more cheese, MOAR).

I spent an entire day doing laundry. And it feels very nice. The house smells all sweet and everything is clean. Im such a housewife ;)

Oooh the preparations for the over the top powder throwing shoot. I had ordered some extra just in case. We ended up nailing it til the last throw. OFCOURSE. A blog about this shoot will follow =)

Ofcourse the boyfriend leaves his mark around my house. In his case it’s his old Warwick. I really like having it around cause every time I look at it it’s like he’s here a bit (when he isn’t actually here that is..)

Why aren’t there more cherries in stores? I love them

Jan-Jaap, Willeke and little Ayla paid me a visit! Ayla has learned how to crawl recently and was soon off exploring my house (apparently dog proof is the same as kid proof).

Look at this gorgeous family =)

And look at this gorgeous man =)

We were given amazingly fresh eggs by Liliane. She has chickens at her house and they give her fresh eggs daily. They were SO delish. Wow.

My little shadow Kane! He’s now back with Marissa but this was before she picked him up obviously. Wherever I went he followed.

Oh I love my tea. This cup was given to me (as are all my cups now I come to think of it) by Cindy and it holds half a liter. ITS THE BEST.

I’m having a bit of a rough period and most of the time my hair completely expresses how I feel ;)

Always makes me happy =)

And now for something completely different.. This is Kane’s food. It smells gross I tell you. But he loves it hah.

Yay my new Vans! Oh I suck but they had a sale and they’re pink and now I own them.

My amazing and wonderful dad. We were on our way tot visit Ron and Kim to talk about a photoshoot I’m going to do for the Gezamenlijke Brandweer (the firebrigade) and have some yummy food and a general good time.

This pretty lady is Dakota!

Who was very interested in the new dog in her backyard. She has the most gorgeous curls doesn’t she? And is just gorgeous in general!

Also their little doggy Dixie (which she pronounces in The Cutest Way On the Planet) was VERY interested (and a bit afraid) of the new dog!

The yummie food! Tuna, capers, and lots of other stuff I really need to ask cause I want to eat this again!

Some notes to prove we did work! Ron is planning to hang me on a building, and a windmill. I’m already a bit nervous ;)

Little Kane! (He’s actually not that little at all and you can pet him without having to bend down or anything hah).

Oooh I was home alone. And I ordered sushi. There is no greater joy. Wow. I hide on the couch under a blanket (yes, I know it’s summer) and feel so blessed with having this amazing food delivered at my DOOR.

“What are you doing?”

One of my favorite teacups. A birthday gift from Edwin and Veerle. Seriously there’s a top tree teacups thing going on. Not kiddinig.

It speaks so much trust when a doggy lets you hold his paw. I love this photo. Doing the holding is my father =)

And there the REAL boss is! Finally back =) Marissa and her Kane!

She brought us this lovely gift from Croatia. Theres another bottle too, they’re for oil and vinegar.

I spent the weekend in Hoek van Holland with my love. Which is where this was taken.

Do you guys know ras-patat? If not, GO AND GET SOME. It’s the best. Really. There’s a place at the beginning of the pier that sells them. I love it. Almost every single time we go to Hoek van Holland I have to have some..

My love.

There’s lots of world war II stuff left in Hoek van Holland. They used this to defend the coastline, a big gun would be on top.

Boyfriend told me this is like a hectometerpaaltje for boats! I never knew and I’ve passed this sign so many times hah.


I was obsessed with the waves! SO COOL. There was quite a bit of wind and the waves were coming over the pier.

He ran away just before getting wet ;)


This little fish was thrown over the pier with a big wave. We couldn’t pick him up with our hands cause he would flop all over the place. Richard ended up saving him with a ‘Wij Zijn Gestrand’ business card. How appropriate!

The end of the pier! We figured ‘nah lets not walk to the end so far’. And then we were at the end. Ofcourse.

More animals get thrown over the pier. Not all in one piece.

Sunday the boyfriend went for a surf. I went for a watch ;) (I suck really)

He’s very good at windsurfing and leaning how to golf surf now (did I say that right at all..?)

Love his hands =)

Off he goes :)

In the new car!

Also a ford. But a very quiet one.

To get some icecream! I was a bit sad about mine. It was supposed to be straciatella. But there was no stracia. Only tella.

Nightsky over Hoek van Holland :)

I love his hands! (did I mention this already?)

So next week I’ll try to make another one! If you see me dragging my camera around, that’s why =)

lots of love!

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