PaSSaR: Nektar

I love how always changing my job is.

Mystical creatures? With wings? And more cool stuff? almost 5 meters high? ALRIGHT!

The amazing people of PaSSaR (being Petro and Iris) make many cool performing arts acts. They are hard to describe in one (or two, three..) sentences as they do so much but they are seriously amazing! Do check out their website (click) after you’re done looking at the photos we took!

The act we photographed is called Nektar. These amazing ladies are the (almost) complete group that will perform. There will be an aerial artist added later on! SO cool!

As you all know I’m pretty short, so I was balancing on a scaffolding while these ladies were quite a way away from me!

This is Karin. Doesn’t it look like she has a halo above her head? I love how perfectly balanced this is!

Sorry I’m just going to post a lot of pics hah. How much fun is this?

This is Iris (the non winged version of her). She is also a kickass dancer!

Not only did I make photos of Nektar. I also took some foto’s of Zeb. Oh and I learned a new word, cause Zeb is a contact juggler!

I didn’t even know what contact juggling was before I saw him actually do it. It’s hard to explain but I almost looks like someone is photoshopping him while he’s doing it. Amazing. Zeb is also part of PaSSaR performing arts acts.

If you’d like to see more please visit their website (click) or visit their facebook page and show your love by liking it here (click)!

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