Nominated for a Bruidsfoto Award!


How awesome is that? Not just one category! Two! I’m psyched! I sent in my favorite wedding photos and two of them got nominated in the categories ‘Ceremonie’ and ‘Groepsportret’.

These are the photos that got nominated!

Do you recognize the lovely Nathalie and Roman?

As is the case with many competitions, I could use a little help! You can vote for me!

Go to this website:

Go to the bottom and click ‘publieksprijs’ (unless you are a photographer as well, go ahead and click ‘vakprijs’.

You don’t have to be a couple that’s getting married. You can vote as just ‘you’ :)

I’m in the categories ‘Ceremonie’ (nr 8) and ‘Groepsportret’ (nr 10). You have to place votes in every category otherwise you can’t go through to the next one!

And voila! You’re done!

It would mean the world to me if you could take the time! Thanks in advance!


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