As I have been sucking at keeping uptodate with my blog I can now make a post about some music related shoots I have done in the last few weeks (I know, more than weeks. Shhh.).

First off I did this superfun shoot for Frank and his Party Collective (click).


OBVIOUSLY this was fun. Thanks a million to Ivan and his Dolhuis (click) for lettings us make a gigantic mess (and for having several live saving things like a balloon blow up machine thing! Yay!). Also thank you Richard and Jasper for endlessly throwing confetti and balloons ;)


A completely different shoot but equally fun (donuts! babies! yay!). JJ has decided on making all kinds of cool videos about guitars and effects and post them on youtube. They’ve become quite the hit and are fun to watch even if you’re a guitar nitwit like me. Go check him out (click)!

And last but not least I did a shoot with a still nameless band (come on guys I cant even link to you now ;)). This was a collaboration with illustrator René Blom (click) who made the awesome background.


You will see more of Simone later this summer, which is ALSO secret. Oh my :)

I love how all that I do is so different every time. Good times all the way though with photography =)

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