Kami-Lynne and Tarek Duo (also Kami solo ha!)


Two of my favorite circus people have finally started creating their duo act. And I got to photograph it! Woo! Also we did a shoot with just Kami in the same week. More woo!

I got it in my head we should take Kami and her hoop outside. Thus beautiful weather and opportunity arose and we went for it. This sounds easier than it was really. It took some tree scouting (great job Kami and Tarek) and some tree climbing and then some picking bits of tree and moss out of hair, but it was totally worth it.

ALSO since Tarek was in Holland anyway, we set a date for the duo pics. These two are amazing together. Just as I figured they would be. I love it. I can’t wait to see the whole thing. For now just the pics =)

Starting with I think my favorite from Kami’s shoot. This is so cool! Yay!

Making it look so effortless..

I love how Kami becomes part of the surroundings somehow. Like she is up there with ALL the trees.

Tarek was standing by to point her in the right direction (she slowly rotates out of my view if he doesn’t) and this is her giggling at him. Btw that hoop is SOLID steel. How this is comfy is beyond me.

‘Can you hold this for a while?’
‘Yeah no problem this is easy!’.’Eh, righto’

And there’s this one! :D

And the sun decided to be my accent light. Woo!

So ehm. You know. I’m going to try not to use the word AMAZING at every photo ok?

But THIS. This. AMERHZING. (close enough right?)

Pre giggles!

Like the’re flying. I love it!

Cause straps on your own aren’t hard enough.

Guys. Insane. I love it to bits.

I expect to see the full thing in february ok ;)?

As always I had a blast working with these two. So together and relaxed. I can just bounce around and be psyched about the stuff they do and they’re just super cool and like ‘we can do it again? if it’s not perfect’.

Thank you dears! :)

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