Hunkemöller: Saudi Arabia

A few weeks back I was called by awesome stylist Thyra with the following question: “Are you interested in shooting a campagne for Hunkemoller in Saudi Arabia?”. Obviously I was!

This shoot was no easy feat for the styling ladies! In Saudi Arabia (SA) there are rules.. Certainly no models wearing the underwear, but nothing resembling the female body either. So for each line (swimwear, bridal, etc) the girls made a setting. Girls? Yes Thyra and Nadieh Hendrix, another amazing stylist!

For the shoot we went to a location in Heenvliet thanks to lovely Jan Jaap and Willeke! We were prepared for a long day (12 photos) and were packing food and drinks (and chocolate, of course).

All trough the day we had a great work ethic going and we were done completely on time and before loosing any of the daylight (most of the photos are taken using ambient light).

These are my favorite four from the day!

Lots of girlyness and pink and glitters and flowers! Hurrah!

Sadly I won’t see any of it in stores since I’m not planning any trips to SA. So, if anyone DOES visit. Please make some pics of the stores for me?

Photography: Megin Zondervan
Styling: Thyra Garristen & Nadieh Hendrix
All photos are for Hunkemöller

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