High School Music Competition Semi Finals

Last week the Semi Finals for the High School Music Competition took place in WORM, Rotterdam. As always lots of fun, and this time all four categories at once! So that meant 18 bands in one day. Somehow this competition is a bit jinxed for me and I was running a fever during the day (like I was on Making Your Band as well..). Hopefully it’s not a ‘thing’..

Either way! The four categories were LOUD, pop/rock, hip-hop and sing-songwriter. They were all mixed throughout the day and kept me very busy! Luckily almost all the bands were a lot of fun to either watch or listen to (or both of course).

These ladies are half of the Kreatones and they got a place in the finals! Hurrah!

The audience was great as well. What I really loved seeing is that the bands were really supportive of each other. They all came to watch everyone else play!

This colorful guy is Ronnie Flex. He won a place in the finals as well. I think he had the first ever female DJ in hip-hop I saw on a stage (this might not mean as much since my hip-hop experience is quite minimal.. ;)).

I’m very curious to see them all perform in the finals! But first there’s a ‘Workshop Day’ coming up this weekend of which I’ll post pics as well of course!

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