Guiguitte and Lizz

You’ve got that right, these girls are as wonderful as their names are!

Together with lovely Florence I got to do this amazingly fun shoot. The girls were well prepared with many outfits and I can’t really choose or edit cause I love them all so you will just have to look at tons of pics ;)

OH yeah obviously the story! Theyre close friends who both will have babies soon. So awesome to be able to do that together right?

This is Guiguitte! 

And this is Lizz then of course =)

So 1000 points for the outfits so far right!? Not to worry there’s more :)

And the gorgeous award goes to…!

Love love love!

Some people just have great hair. If I did that I would look like cousin it :P

The water was actually very cold! So wow Guiguitte!

Oh I had so much fun with this shoot! Lovely make-up and hair by Florence and lovely girls to hang out with! We even got cake! Woo!

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