Elvado, or as I like to call it ‘advanced puppy-class’ recently did a demonstration day. It was miraculously sunny and I brought my camera to run around and play with.

To bring honor to the name I came up with, there actually ARE puppy’s in Elvado! Cuteness!

Elvado showed the audience several exercises. This little wooden box was now out in the open and can represent any object of course. The dog has to find it, and bark to let the boss know where it is (they can do this in forests and any environment really).

You can see a brown thing (a bag) the dog is laying on. Her job is to protect it against stealing! Trust me. You won’t want to steal it.

If you however do try to steal something you will be transported (to a policecar of sorts). Escaping is another bad idea.

Some brave people offered themselves as practice material ;)

Cujo didn’t participate in the demonstration as he was suffering an injury. He’s all better now and hopefully I can take photos of him on the next demo!

If you care to see ALL the photos of the day you can do so here (click)!

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