Drenthe -> Odoorn with <3

I know. We just got back from Brugge really. But I saw this travelbird offer and just booked it. We had never booked anything there before so it was a bit of a gamble. But it turned out quite great =)

Also the superb guys from Calumet moved heaven and earth for me to get my new lens.. a f1.4 50mm (it’s the Nikon g version for  the geeks :P). I know. THAT LENS. I’ll make a different post about how I like it later on. I only took photos of boyfriend, trees and food so far ;) So eh, prepare for that ;)

As said! I present you: boyfriend in trafficlight glow.

We got in a trafficjam only for a little bit. Which was good the drive to Odoorn was at least 2.5 hours!

We had fries. At Burger King. They were kinda gross. We should know better. Oh well.

We were really there for the Starbucks! I LOVE THEIR CHAAI TEA LATTE. Any advide on how to make this at home is SO SO SO WELCOME. They don’t sell it for home usage. MIMIMI.

Also mobile office.

Hotelroom! Not yet a gigantic explosion of my stuff.

Beds were A OK! Love the phone too hah.

Breakfast! Not as epic as in Brugge. But that was the champion of breakfasts. This one was quite good =)

Outdoorsing time! This means BF has to try and get me to come outside. Outside is cold. I don’t fare well in it. Yes I know. #Winteriscoming

I was really obsessed with these though! Hunebedden! I’ve been wanting to see these all my life. Not kidding.

They’ve been around for over 5000 years. So amazing. There was a total peace surrounding them somehow.

Also: amazing nature. I want to live there. Only move everyone I love along.

The trees in the distance surrounded another hunebed. Boyfriend was examining acorns :)

Keep in mind this pic. You’ll need it later for comparison.

Also keep in mind this pic. You’ll need it later for comparison.

There’s apparently 52 of them. We saw three.


OK I CAN DO THAT TOO. Man do I look tired. Advice for recurring cray cray dreams: GO

We were in ‘Poolshoogte’. We drove to it kinda by accident. ITS AMAZING. In the middle of trees and greatness. On the menu they say ‘we’re a bit slow’. How awesome. And they feed you enough cheese to last a lifetime.

Boyfriend had eggs, more appropriately portioned ;)

There’s a tower you can climb. Boyfriend being all sporty sprinted up. I was like: EH. WHAT. He laughed at me ;)

I did follow though. It was gorgeous!

LOOK. How not Dutch is that?

Random pic of his legs. Sorry. The new lens makes want to click everything :)

RLY? More photos? This is his ‘Megin wow, staahp’ face.

So I took this architectural thing instead. You all know my love for architectural things right? Oh. Nope.

GO HERE. Only weird thing is no dogs allowed. And they put a doggy bowl with water near the door. Confused.

As seen before I was super tired. I parked myself ON the ‘heater’ (also known as ‘object that sounds like a murder scene’) and didn’t leave it for the next three hours. BF managed to sneak up on me and take this pic. Stealthyness: check

Trooper! Math! He has exams coming up.

OH MAN THIS BOOK. Read it. It’s not an ‘all the answers’ kinda of thing. But she does make sense.

Ok not three hours. I crawled into the bed and fell asleep. At 4 in the afternoon. Yup. Woke up to this happy face =) (yes I slept with my camera).

Apparently I booked a dinner (wow did you forget about food Megin? YEAH I KNOWWW). We were seated next to two older ladies. They were HILARIOUS. It started snowing and they were like the seagulls from Finding Nemo: SNOW SNOW SNOW (or the crows from Game of Thrones wichever reference suits you better). They were very cute though and asked us lots of things :)

BUT. It DID snow! I put on everything I packed. Im not kidding. I only skipped the dinner dress (which I always pack and then never wear).

Woow. It was  SO quiet. And so pretty.


So we came back to all we had seen before. Cause I obviously needed to remake these pictures.

Hello :) Again. SO quiet here. It was great.


And of then I threw stuff around. Completely out of character. Cold stuff + touching. But wow. Again. Snow in the middle of nowhere. Wow :)

Boyfriend is practicing with my camera. I think he is doing great!

I needed to touch the stones of the Hunebedden. Somehow sometimes it’s like you haven’t been somewhere when you don’t touch something.

:) Adventure time. Ok short adventure we were so underdressed.

More revisiting.

Again. So impressed. Try to visit them outside season. I think it’s best when no one else is around.

Hello good sir! We’re in Zwolle!

These ppl were so cute! Discussing on crossing the road when the trafficlights were out. He did, she didn’t ;)

Zwolle on a sunday! Must go back there when the stores are actually open.

Thanks to reading Miss Lipgloss (cause I use makeup.. eh..) 
We ended up in Brasserie Jansen. OH BOY were we happy. Also they have an elvis toasty on the menu. ALL the awards.

Boyfriend had bread with goatcheese and been salad with baked potatoes. YUM.


I had food too bu I forgot to export it. Apparently this house was more important. I LOVE Zwolle though. Really want to go back!

Hello gorgeous :)

So this happened. Again. On the way back. More of that Chai Tea Latte. GIMME!

We had a very nice weekend and it was great to be ‘away’ again. The snow was such a gift. We’re going to try travelbird again. We’re not over the moon yet, but it definitely didn’t suck either.

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