Kunstbende: Zuidplein

Since I made a gazillion photos for Kunstbende i wont post them all. I decided a favorites post would be handy! If not for you, at least I’m happy about it ;)

Somehow I ended up converting the first Image to black and white. And loving it. So my favorites are all black and white!

The first two are both from the metal band that opened that day. They were like “WHATEVER have some METAL for BREAKFAST”. Loved it!

It was lunch time. Really. But still. Rocking it.

This lady had a female drummer with her. Thus. Favorite.

Anouk got second place in the dance category. She was so expressive. Even when you can’t see her face.

How can mister Oscar NOT be in my favorites? This fine gentleman was a great host as usual1

This girl WON the dance category! And I’m in love with this shot of Joyeuse!

The main man! Tim Prins. He tried to teach me to juggle. It failed (as I predicted).

This girl was in the ‘Young Stage’ act. I’m cluesless on who she is but I loved the performance!

And finally the winners for the music category! Atlax & The Fox. These guys were great and I love their songs!

I hope you’re anjoying this black and white phase ;) I don’t think I’m done with it yet!

Sunny day in Hoek van Holland (With Dakota & Kim & Ron)

Yay! There’s a little baby coming and there was a card needed to announce this. Also I got promised hugs and kisses from the CUTEST cutiepie of all: Dakota.

So off to Hoek van Holland I went. WIth my camera. OFC. Where Ron had magically made his awesome jeep appear. So awesome! Ofcourse I wanted to be in it for the ride to the beach. So I was cold in 10 seconds. But no less awesome.



LOOK. It has buttons to signal left and right. It’s so cool.


I’m not sure how I like glitter shoes and military vehicles at the same time but I guess I do. SO cooooool!


Specially with cute girls on them! The little doggy is Dixie. As Dakota announced loudly when I arrived “THIS IS DIXIE”. So. That was cleared up. Dixie can always be found near Dakota. She tried to climb up on the jeep. SUCH CUTE.


I has a stick! And will absolutely not do whatever it is we’re here for.


OH whatever. BYE.


OH WAIT I can chase my dad with it, GREAT!
We were definitely not here to make photos of her chasing her dad with a stick. But as the photo for the card will have the name of the sibling to be on it. I can’t show everything ;)


But I can show the gorgeous mommy!



Obviously I can’t wait to make photos of little baby fingers and feet. For now I’m super happy with this sunny day spent on the beach and drinking hot coco with lovely people.

More girls: Britte, Simone & Nathalie


Finally! I’m so happy about the progress of this series. I also was quite sad when I got sick (you know, cause being on the couch is only fun for so long a time), because I couldn’t finish it. ARGH. Not that it’s finished. But still.

For me the series is more about space, than it is about girls. I think I’ll follow up with guys when I’m ‘done’ with the girl part. The white background is relentless in how it forces the subject to be a certain shape. And I love to play with that (I think black backdrops are much more forgiving).

First off! Lovely Britte! No stranger to me nor my camera. I loved her visit (I mean she brought pudding, come on) and I love making photos of her. She. Is. So. Gorgeous.


Britte is the queen of arms. If there is such a queen. Also the queen of great hair. Oh well lets make her queen of everything.


It’s SO hard to get hands right. Or at least I feel that that’s a hard thing for a model to do. Either it gets very forced or they seem like they’re fake. Not with Britte though. THAT HAND. Oh and the rest of the pic :)


THAT HAIR. That will be all.


For me this is ‘Britte’. As I know and love her. I like capturing moments like these.


Yay Simoon was there too! Or here. Really. I shot all of these in my room ;) (I got some questions to whether or not I have a studio, I eh, kinda do :P).


I just realized I’ve been photographing Simone since before she was allowed to drink alcohol ;) It makes for very easy shoots and with very happy girls when we’re done. We shot a little pic for her band as well. It’s called Bixby and you can check out her facebook page here (click)!


Confession: She is the sole reason I EVER dare to wear red lipstick! Does she rock it or what?


Oh and I had her bring her hat. I love hats. More people should have hats. And I also love this of her with her hat!


If Britte is the queen of hair then Nathalie is the queen of the messy bun. OH and of the killer straight on shot! WOW.


Oh and also. SO gorgeous. That profile. In the arm. The contrast with the black. LOVE it.


Somehow I think of a ballet dancer with this shot. Maybe I should photograph a ballet dancer as well and see what happens. I love it though. Super classic but also a bit of modern.


Nathalie wanted a bit more edgy shots. Which is what this series is for a great deal. So SCORE. I cant say I love it anymore cause I do that with every shot. But well, they’re all my favorites so..

I’m still not quite done with this series. So expect some more, and perhaps boys as well =)

Much love and thanks for reading all the way ;)

Brandweerkalender Roparun

You might know about the Roparun. It’s a team-run from Paris to Rotterdam, raising money for cancer treatment. A cause that really hits home with us.

We (being my father and me) were asked to make a calendar for one of the Roparun Teams (Safety4U). Obviously we said yes. Esther, member of Safety4U got together 12 guys for me who were about to start their modelling careers ;)

You can buy the calender here: http://debrandweerkalender.nl/

ALL money goes directly to the Roparun cause.


These two (Maurice and Dennis) are the cover of the calendar. But before I just post the entire thing, here are some cool behind the scenes shots amazing Jasper Plukhooij made (click here for more of his stuff). (yeah I realize there will be a ton of photos in this post, as per usual).


This super mysterious guy is Anton. We shot two days and he assisted us the first one. Once he got the hang of what was in my head (props for him on that one) he was A HERO.


This is Rudy! Without him and his awesome colleagues nothing would have happened. As you can imagine I don’t have stuff to put on fire at hand. But the guys at Falck (click! So fun!) do. And we were allowed to use their amazing location (and had them help us out ALL DAY for TWO days and not be annoyed by us and wow. just wow).


Just a little teaser ;) When I asked Anton or Rudy: what’s possible? They kept answering with ‘everything’. THEY WERE NOT KIDDING. NO KIDDING, TOOK PLACE.


I’m sorry for the lack of order. There is none. This is me awkwardly high fiving Dave who just finished his photo! The guys all rocked!


As the fire was very loud (fire is not quiet: lesson learned) I quickly came up with a set of gestures to guide the men through. I so rock at hints.


“I can make snow”. He said. It was SO TRUE.


My dad being at work like the total awesome badass he is! (yeah he has a fireman outfit, being one himself).


Lovely Manon was with us doing her makeup magic!


I love this shot. That’s why you’re looking at it. and yeah helmets were obligatory. I lost mine a gazillion times.


Manon at work! I didn’t see her much sadly as we worked in shifts. I’d be picking locations or making photos and she’d be prepping the next ‘victim’.




Also everyone was taller than me. By far. There’s tons of pictures of that ;)

Ok! Trying to keep it short cause 12 more shots need to be in this post! Of the actual guys! Here we go!

In respective order of the calendar!


This is Dave! Safe to say they all did a fabulous job. So I won’t say it with every photo ;) This one was made by my dad!


So. Things got hot ;) This is Dennis! Do you see what I mean with ‘anything is possible’. Why not set a train on fire? Good times.


Stefan was actually the first photo we took. So he had to bear through us getting everything just right. He didn’t seem to mind at all and we ended up with this awesome portrait!


Eric! Another shot by my dad. So we figured, we might need a firetruck at some point. And Rudy just drove one into the scene. BAM. Truck. No problemo.


Koos! Do we need to mention how LUCKY we were with the weather?


This tough looking guy is Emerson. He plays rugby. I’d be TERRIFIED. He is super friendly though so no worries ;) Also this pic is made by my dad!


Wilfred! I know you can SEE the fire, but we realllyy felt it. Specially the guys with no coats. So props to them for bearing with it :)


This was by far the warmest picture (I can’t keep saying hot, you’ll stop believing me). I asked Anton to ‘light everything’. And boy did he. I was a good 7 meters away. It was burning my face. Edwin is still alive by the way..


I didn’t want to use FIRE for everything. Thus you can see Jan surrounded by smoke. I say this as if it were very easy. It wasn’t. There were many times in which we had no sight of Jan AT ALL. He just kept doing his awesome thing anyway!


Yeahhh water! Which leads to even more fire actually. Maurice was in the middle of all this. You can recognize the cover location here :)


By my awesome dad as well! This was a hard one as the stuff that’s burning is wood. And is not very predictable. Also we all smelled like a BBQ after this one. Luigi rocked it nevertheless.!


Last but certainly not least! Roger in the snow! OH no. Not snow. It’s foam actually. Cause Anton said he could make snow. And he totally could!

I couldn’t be happier with the results. I think all the guys did awesome. And so did our team! If you’re wondering who did the amazing layout  and graphic design that would be Jornt van Dijk.

Thank you. Everyone. I already thanked you all in person or other ways. So. Again, but online ;)There’s still calenders available. Again you can buy them here: http://debrandweerkalender.nl/

Or stalk me about one, I have some at hand as well :)

* No firemen were hurt (much) in the making of this calendar.

Girls! This time: Rachael & Lara


I had to buy this white backdrop for a job and then it was just HANGING there. You know. Tempting me. So. I buckled (this went rather smootly, no bruises) and decided to have fun and drink tea. Oh and make some photos.

Also I decided on the spot I wanted MOAR so this week I’m shooting two more ladies. But I want to do even more. Guys are ok too! It helps if you have some modelling experience and are not terrified of me with a camera (I can be scary ROAR). Cause then it’s not longer fun and tea ;)



Meet Rachael :) I’ve worked with her once before, and it was nice to have some more time to play around. In love with this portrait. Most of you have seen it on fb already!


Should I warn for nudity..? Ehrm. SKIN ALERT.
She had a brand new tat that needed to be on a photo, so here we are :) I love how amazingly versatile she is. She can just pop 30 different things a minute at you.


Also she had a brand new hairdo! Love it! Oh and versatile ;)


And love this shot too! I’m very much into black and white for this ‘series’ so far. Not sure where it’s going yet but lets call it a series :)

And meet Lara! She is a talented singer/musician/songwriter and happens to be a model too (yay!). You can find her on facebook here (click).


Lara posted this on fb and called it ‘royal’. I totally agree!


She is so cute! Really though.


I love this edgy feel. It’s really where I want to go with this. I think ;) And also tea. Ofc.


And love this too! It’s so great to just bounce between you and the person in front of your camera. And when that works, great things happens. Or at least that’s how I feel =)


Not just cute, fierce too! Booyah!

I had a blast shooting these two ladies!

So again! Three more ladies coming up of which two in the coming week. If you have any ideas on this whole thing or want in: let me know. I’m afraid I can’t say yes to everything/everyone cause well. That just doesn’t work. There’s a certain picture in my head which I can’t really define yet. But that doesn’t mean I’m not open for suggestions or input! Lets go!

Drenthe -> Odoorn with <3

I know. We just got back from Brugge really. But I saw this travelbird offer and just booked it. We had never booked anything there before so it was a bit of a gamble. But it turned out quite great =)

Also the superb guys from Calumet moved heaven and earth for me to get my new lens.. a f1.4 50mm (it’s the Nikon g version for  the geeks :P). I know. THAT LENS. I’ll make a different post about how I like it later on. I only took photos of boyfriend, trees and food so far ;) So eh, prepare for that ;)

As said! I present you: boyfriend in trafficlight glow.

We got in a trafficjam only for a little bit. Which was good the drive to Odoorn was at least 2.5 hours!

We had fries. At Burger King. They were kinda gross. We should know better. Oh well.

We were really there for the Starbucks! I LOVE THEIR CHAAI TEA LATTE. Any advide on how to make this at home is SO SO SO WELCOME. They don’t sell it for home usage. MIMIMI.

Also mobile office.

Hotelroom! Not yet a gigantic explosion of my stuff.

Beds were A OK! Love the phone too hah.

Breakfast! Not as epic as in Brugge. But that was the champion of breakfasts. This one was quite good =)

Outdoorsing time! This means BF has to try and get me to come outside. Outside is cold. I don’t fare well in it. Yes I know. #Winteriscoming

I was really obsessed with these though! Hunebedden! I’ve been wanting to see these all my life. Not kidding.

They’ve been around for over 5000 years. So amazing. There was a total peace surrounding them somehow.

Also: amazing nature. I want to live there. Only move everyone I love along.

The trees in the distance surrounded another hunebed. Boyfriend was examining acorns :)

Keep in mind this pic. You’ll need it later for comparison.

Also keep in mind this pic. You’ll need it later for comparison.

There’s apparently 52 of them. We saw three.


OK I CAN DO THAT TOO. Man do I look tired. Advice for recurring cray cray dreams: GO

We were in ‘Poolshoogte’. We drove to it kinda by accident. ITS AMAZING. In the middle of trees and greatness. On the menu they say ‘we’re a bit slow’. How awesome. And they feed you enough cheese to last a lifetime.

Boyfriend had eggs, more appropriately portioned ;)

There’s a tower you can climb. Boyfriend being all sporty sprinted up. I was like: EH. WHAT. He laughed at me ;)

I did follow though. It was gorgeous!

LOOK. How not Dutch is that?

Random pic of his legs. Sorry. The new lens makes want to click everything :)

RLY? More photos? This is his ‘Megin wow, staahp’ face.

So I took this architectural thing instead. You all know my love for architectural things right? Oh. Nope.

GO HERE. Only weird thing is no dogs allowed. And they put a doggy bowl with water near the door. Confused.

As seen before I was super tired. I parked myself ON the ‘heater’ (also known as ‘object that sounds like a murder scene’) and didn’t leave it for the next three hours. BF managed to sneak up on me and take this pic. Stealthyness: check

Trooper! Math! He has exams coming up.

OH MAN THIS BOOK. Read it. It’s not an ‘all the answers’ kinda of thing. But she does make sense.

Ok not three hours. I crawled into the bed and fell asleep. At 4 in the afternoon. Yup. Woke up to this happy face =) (yes I slept with my camera).

Apparently I booked a dinner (wow did you forget about food Megin? YEAH I KNOWWW). We were seated next to two older ladies. They were HILARIOUS. It started snowing and they were like the seagulls from Finding Nemo: SNOW SNOW SNOW (or the crows from Game of Thrones wichever reference suits you better). They were very cute though and asked us lots of things :)

BUT. It DID snow! I put on everything I packed. Im not kidding. I only skipped the dinner dress (which I always pack and then never wear).

Woow. It was  SO quiet. And so pretty.


So we came back to all we had seen before. Cause I obviously needed to remake these pictures.

Hello :) Again. SO quiet here. It was great.


And of then I threw stuff around. Completely out of character. Cold stuff + touching. But wow. Again. Snow in the middle of nowhere. Wow :)

Boyfriend is practicing with my camera. I think he is doing great!

I needed to touch the stones of the Hunebedden. Somehow sometimes it’s like you haven’t been somewhere when you don’t touch something.

:) Adventure time. Ok short adventure we were so underdressed.

More revisiting.

Again. So impressed. Try to visit them outside season. I think it’s best when no one else is around.

Hello good sir! We’re in Zwolle!

These ppl were so cute! Discussing on crossing the road when the trafficlights were out. He did, she didn’t ;)

Zwolle on a sunday! Must go back there when the stores are actually open.

Thanks to reading Miss Lipgloss (cause I use makeup.. eh..) 
We ended up in Brasserie Jansen. OH BOY were we happy. Also they have an elvis toasty on the menu. ALL the awards.

Boyfriend had bread with goatcheese and been salad with baked potatoes. YUM.


I had food too bu I forgot to export it. Apparently this house was more important. I LOVE Zwolle though. Really want to go back!

Hello gorgeous :)

So this happened. Again. On the way back. More of that Chai Tea Latte. GIMME!

We had a very nice weekend and it was great to be ‘away’ again. The snow was such a gift. We’re going to try travelbird again. We’re not over the moon yet, but it definitely didn’t suck either.

Brugge <3

For my birthday the lovely boyfriend gave me a trip to Brugge (with him as company/chauffeur/carrier-of-my-stuff/other). And it was great!

Yay! Selfie time! As #selfie was the word of 2013 we’ll now go for ‘zelfportret’.. Anyway. Boyfriend was a super gent and carried my camera around for me so I could go GIMME GIMME every time I saw something. Or wanted a zelfportret ;)

In the ‘new’ family car hih ;)

Our hotel was a little outside Brugge (or a lot as we got lost hah). As you can see we scored blue skies on the first day!

He only had one bag. I manage to overpack anytime, anyplace.. So this is my bag ;) Also the hotelroom! It was very nice and roomy and we could run around it! The bathroom was very pretty too. We liked the tiling (is that a weird thing to like..?)

We decided to head into Brugge straight away to find something to eat. We walked out of the parking and found this trail of hearts leading us into the center. How cool :)

So this is the first building we saw. Also, tons of ppl on segways. Not sure how that works. They looked very happy about it ;)

I need to buy books. Always. Everywhere. I’m still getting through the J.K. Rowling one as we speak. It’s somehow kinda hard to get through but I want to finish it..

Breakfast in the hotel was AMAZING. Really. EAT ALL THE FOODS. I combined chocolaty goodness with eh, mushrooms. Cause I can.

Second day in Brugge. Apparently it was ‘solden’ and the little city was PACKED with people. Police to guide all this madness and all.. So enjoy this tranquil photo of water instead ;)

Yay zelfportret ;) My mother would love these kind of stores and somehow that makes me go into them as well. It was supersmall and ther owner was somewhere else and just left it open as is. So amazing :)

Wow. Just. The entire city feels like it just TOO pretty. Everything. So. Much. PRETTY!

Also all the store fronts were so great! It was superbusy in each and every one of them so we didn’t go into this particular one but I snapped a lot of photos anyway =)

There was a beautiful church we visited which had this wall with plaques on it. Right across the Maria Altar. I’ve never seen that in any church before and think it’s very special. It’s people thanking them for their prayers I think!

These sheep. all the cute.

so this was just a ‘side’ street. You know. NOthing big or fancy in it. And it looks LIKE THIS.

We found a little store called ‘cat and dog shop’ and it sells clothing for dogs. Oddly they didn’t have anything in Carlos size ;)

Hungry campers we were and we wanted a real belgian waffle. Our hope were high cause look at this amazing hot chocolate set..!

The waffle arrived, with hot chocolate sauce.. and it was horrid. Im afraid I don’t remember the name of this restaurant but NEVER get your waffle anywhere else than a waffle stand. We could throw this through a window and then build a house with it..

We’re very talented at finding starbucks anywhere. We just followed the trail of hipster girls (really we actually did that) and coffee presented itself to us.

YAY coffee! And my love <3

After the very busy solden days i Brugge we decided to expore elsewhere. We had dinner in Knokke last evening and decided to want to see the beach with daylight.

We drove to Oostende which was great! And SO COLD!

Pretty sand is pretty!

Cold boyfriend is cold hih.

I’m such a badass and not cold at all. Clearly.

Also we present worlds ugliest flat at the beach. WHUT it up with this? How amazing to live in it though. If you drop something out of it it might just be ok landing in the sand and all..

Boyfriend <3

We had a great time and love the city and the beach! We didn’t love the solden so much and if you ever go to Brugge make sure it’s not the first weekend of solden.. also make sure you have cash on you cause paying with pin is a whole different ballgame in Belgium.

Thank you so much boyfriend for this awesome gift :) I love you! :)

Awesome things Marieke makes!

As you all know Marieke makes awesome things. As you might not know she brings them over to me a lot so I can make photos of those awesome things! Also I get to eat them 9 out of 10 times. SCORE. Applying for my job is not an option, I’m keeping it :P I figured a blogpost about all these yummie things was in order :)


These are from her most recent batch. If I got it right these are champagne vanilla cupcakes with cream inside. I ATE THEM. Tummy says yay.


We are nothing if not productive and try to combine several ideas. Here you see a red velvet cake with eh, cream. Sorry. I’m clueless Marieke. I do know the jars! There’s cupake and cocos flavored stuff in it! YUM!

Cupcakes in jars! So handy. They come with little wooden spoons!


These lovely guys are the cakepops Marieke made for the Big Yes Flashmob (click to see it!). There were chocolate and vanille. And I don’t need to say they were tasty as tasty comes right?


I think we shot these for Valentines day! But I’m not even sure anymore.. I’m 80% sure though. Cause look cute hearts and pinkness!


Probably THE all time favorite. Of who? Well everyone I show it to cause I run around doing that. Really. I do. HOW COOL is this wedding cake?


We have a thing for pink. Yes. Also these cupcaketoppers are a downright hit on pinterest. Though you should know ;)


Also. Cookies. Yes. NOMnomNOM.


Also. This cake. THIS AMAZING CAKE. She made this for my aunt and uncle and the little dachshund is the spitting image of their little Thatcher!

It’s a GIRL. Yeah! I love how she can make something really clean and still cute!


Imagine this. You’re getting married. And you want a cake. Well. If you get Marieke to make you one (which you should duh) this is what happens! You get a table filled with all kinds of goodies to try.


Those things on the right? APPLE PIE ON A STICK. Enough said.

I kept myself to the rule of ‘one photo per baking session’ so it’s not a gazillion photos ;) I hope you enjoyed Marieke’s mad skills! Yay! You can check out more of her cool things right here (click!)!

Larry Joe in Zuidplein Theatre with my love

The guys at CoolFresh (click) had a celebration/endofyearparty/generalgoodtime at the Zuidplein Theater. For the occasion Larry Joe was flown in! Yay! You might remember him from earlier photos. My love accompanied him (musically, I imagine Larry Joe is just fine on his own), and they played for the queen together. This time Richard joined him again with some other musicians and I was there too. Yay!


I love backstages at theatres. They tell much more of a story. Or at least a story I like ;)


I snooped around ofcourse and found a setlist!



And there he is the man of the hour. His story is quite amazing. You can watch it here on youtube (click). 


I’m not going to try and tell his story here in a tiny blogpost. I don’t think that gives it any credit. But I do really suggest you check the youtube link :)


One of the gues musicians! Tim Kerssies.


I absolutely forgot this dudes name! I suck! So sorry! He was a blast to look at and make photos of!


My love! On upright bass. Yay. I always love watching him play. I’m not kidding. It’s a part of who he is. (that doesn’t mean I go to each and every show he does, you know, but I do love watching!).


As I only got to see four songs when they played for the queen (Beatrix at the time) I really enjoyed watching the full performance.


The whole band together!


Take a bow =)

It was great seeing Larry Joe again. He told me there is a book coming about his life. I’m sure it won’t be anything less than very inspiring and I will certainly read it! This was a very fun evening and I got to meet lovely people like Naomi (not in pics! I suck!) and even more talented musicans.

Larry Joe should be back in the Netherlands soon for an album I think. So probably more pics then!

New Album! So. Much. Love.

Hi fancy new years people!


Ok, you can stop guessing, it’s a new album. It got delivered on the 31st and I can’t say anything else but “OH WOW OH WOW YAAY”. Also it made for a great NYE cause I’m not that into fireworks and bad tv.

This album is by Asuka Books. I ran into their stand at Professional Imaging and fell in love on the spot. They only work with photographers (as in no your mom can’t order her holiday pics there).

I fell in love because their albums were simple but gorgeous. Of course the quality of the prints is amazing too. All the other album vendors had these horrid, tacky albums with far too much ‘bling’. These guys though: NOT THE CASE.

I got a demo album with my favorite specs:


It comes in a box that protects it. I can design the box anyway you’d like, but I like it to match the album inside. And that’s black too.


When you open the box, it ‘gives’ you the album. Like it’s saying ‘yes! you there! Take a look!’.



And there she is (yes it’s a girl). She has a ‘micro suede’ cover with the names embossed in gold. That means they’re pressed into the material which looks awesomesauce.


See what I mean? It. Looks. So. Classy.


Also it’s another ‘layflat’ type album. I don’t like it at all when pages stick up and mess with photos. This one behaves perfectly.


See. Perfect!


And closed again. I LOVE the structure. You can actually pet this album. Of course there’s many other options possible but this is my personal favorite and as it’s my demo album to have I want i to be my favorite ;) In the box there’s this handy dandy space to store the dvd with the photos. Its. So. Complete.


Now please go and get married and order this album. Okido?