Anne: yoga teacher extraordinare

When I received Anne’s mail containing the words ‘yoga teacher’ i could barely wait to go out and play. Eh. Make photos. I had a ton of ideas and she was in for all of them.

I know exactly nothing about yoga so eh, sorry to be disappointing about explaining what’s going on in the photos ;)


Anne does a type of yoga that is more about being in touch with yourself and less about acrobatics.

It posed a bit of a problem for me.. I was busy being super excited about the shoot and how well the poses and outfit worked and she was busy being very zen about it :)

Luckily she was not phased at all by me bouncing around her.

And the wind was on our side as well!

I love how well the environment works with the postures. It’s like I could match all the backgrounds to her poses.

See what I mean? Like she is a part of it! and not!

Also respect. There were lots of sharp thingies on the ground. I poked a hole or two in my foot. Anne didn’t wince once!

One of my favorite poses!

And this one too! Maybe if I’m in a less bouncy mood I will take a class with her!


Colors. Pose. Love.

We were shooting quite early in the day, which was lucky for us. It got REALLY hot quite soon and much less pleasant to work in. We had all the perks of the warmth, the skies and not the sweatyness!

“Can you hold that for a bit?”, “Yeah sure”.  Wow!

One of my favorites!

And this one is my favorite! :D

These stairs were a bit of a suprise. I didn’t know they were there, but they were GORGEOUS :)

She makes it look easy ;)

Also one of my top 3. Don’t you just envy her supercalmness?

Details. Love em.

So elegant and simple.

She just SPRUNG this one on me hah. I didn’t know where she was going and voila.

I love being a little playful with well, everything.


Oh I have so many favorites! Hah.

Like a boss!

I’m not sure if how she is holding her hands have special meaning. I forgot to ask running around her and all. Maybe you guys know?

I DO THIS. Before I go to bed. Seriously. It feels so nice. Apparently I yoga! YEAH!

The last one!

Thank you Anne for asking me and trusting me! I had a great time. And also thank you Leila (is that spelled right?) for helping us out!! You were a super assistant. More yogi’s this way please! :)

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