For the Grote Prijs Zuid-Holland the Popunie asked me to make photos of the winners. Not just in their ‘OMG OMG WE WON’-moment, but something they can use to promote themselves. Thus 1Duidig and I set a date.. in february..

They’re standing on a swimming pool. In case you’re wondering where the bright blue tiny wall behind them came from. It’s just well.. frozen.. and snowed in! It was amazingly cold, but the guys were really tough and did not complain.

If you’re wondering how cold: it was -8 degrees. I wore two pairs of gloves to make sure my hands didn’t get too cold and to make sure I would be able to keep moving them at all! We decided we need to do this shoot again.. in summer.. in swimwear and flippers.

The Boyfriend was there to support me luckily and took this picture of behind-the-scenes photo!

This here is 1Duidig their latest video! I think it’s very well made and cool! Check them out here if you want to know more about these guys.

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