Winter wedding: Loes and Harry

This was such a special wedding! Both Loes and Harry are older than 65.  This was definitely my first wedding where there were no nerves anywhere. There was no time for a photoshoot but I managed to get them to pose near this gorgeous window (light!). More storytelling after te click!

They felt they were ‘too old’ for a photoshoot. No such thing of course. And I think this might as well have been a painting!

I hadn’tt met Loes nor Harry before. Nevertheless they were so warm and welcoming in their amazing house. No nerves or stress here whatsoever.

Don’t you love that dress as much as Harry does?

That’s what you get for a december wedding. Ofcourse Harry is a trye gent and kept Loes dry!

What a gorgeous couple in a gorgeous location!

All dried up with a cuppa waiting for the ceremony.

This room was FULL!

That’s easy: I DO

This just melts my heart.

She had such a great bouquet matching her dress. The colors! Yay!

Afterwards we went to a church nearby their house for another ceremony. A gorgeous building with a very fun and great priest.

Harry and Loes met through music, so ‘their’ choir was there! WOW!

Oh look at that..

I love these two. Just so relaxed and 100% themselves.

Ofcourse at the reception and party there was to be more music and singing!

And they joined in!

This guy! Wat a BOSS!

As soon as the food was cleared it was time to DANCE.

And a bit of hugs in there as well!

Oh wow this was great. My lovely uncle Hans was master of ceremonies and obviously everything went perfectly. I had a blast working with him and the couple had a wonderful day together.

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