Week 33 in pictures

Yay week two of the diary thingy. I’m still trying to come up with a witty name but so far I’m going to stick with weeknumbers. Any brilliant suggestions are welcome. I was indoors a lot for the first half of the week so not that exciting there ;)

On mondays we (we being my dad and I) go to Elvado. Lots of doggies there with their owners training them to be badass police/military/etc dogs. I took a gazillion photos and am ONLY POSTING THIS ONE. Be PROUD ;)

I have a porridge phase right now. Once every few months I get SO TIRED of bread. Really can’t stand the sight of it. But one must eat. So I make porridge the way my mom used to make it for me when I was a kid (sugar yay!).

Also I dragged myself to the gym on tuesday. Hurrah. Can you feel the enthusiasm?

The two pairs of (rain)boots are our dogwalking/Elvado-things. I like our hallway =)

In an attempt to not skip bread completely I’ve rekindled my love for tuna. HOW COULD I FORGET?

I matched an outfit. Really. This is a feat. Which is why Ill be repeating the wearing of it later this week ;)

This is Carlos. As of right now he’s still working for the police. But he’ll be retiring in a few months and then will live with us. He’s 10 years old, and very very social. We’ve been meeting with him for a couple of weeks now and will keep meeting with him until he comes over to us. It’s all still a bit fast. But it felt right, and sometimes things fall into place like that. Also he LOVES swimming. And has this thing where he doesn’t shake out the water until you’re very near to him and bound to get wet (really, he plans it!).

MOAR porridge. It’s thursday morning by now. It’s kinda nice to have something warm to eat in the morning though.

Friday my love and I went to Groningen. We went there to deliver the Michael and Janines wedding album. I LOVE bringing it to see how the couple reacts. But we promised Rotterdam gifts, so we went to the Koekela! Cause where else can you go?

I bought several bags.. One on which was slaughtered in the car on the way there..

If for some reason you don’t know where Koekela is, it’s on the Nieuwe Binnenweg in Rotterdam. You can also do a high tea and other nice thing there =)

Had to stop myself at some point from taking photos of EVERYTHING. But please do visit the shop. Great carrot cake too!

On a little break from the 5 hour trip to Groningen (the way back was only 2.5 yeah we detour).

So. We have boy-girl shoe colors. Yeah. That happened.

Driving for too long. This was a very nice parking stop though!

My ‘I’ve been sitting still too long and there’s no internet here face’

Ok not true I was quite alright =) (Shoes mathching the shirt yes yes!)

The boyfriend DOES get a tan. Actually. So there’s the slight chance we wont have glow-in-the-dark-babies.

On the way to Groningen we visited the little village my loves father was born in. This was the view from ppl’s backyard (yeah I sneaked around with my camera like a paparazzi).

Isn’t it cute? And quiet? And yes this street is the entire village!

Then we arrived at Janine and Michaels! Who were very happy with their wedding album (yay!) and i will post their wedding pics this week!

Janine made this amazing vegetarian dish for us! We were completely spoiled with yummie guacamole and other nice things with bread as well!

On saturday I had to work in Delft. Where the boyfriend accompanied me to. We got stuck. In traffic. So. Here’s my shoes (they’re new actually, and for colder weather, but I figured I was cold enough now).


I do love his hands.

Woo! Selfie. As we were standing still I could balance the cam on my knees ;)

OMG I WANT THIS ELEPHANT. REALLY. Someone please start a fund cause it’s 155 euros and I cant afford that. BUT WOW. ITS SO AWESOME.

So, eh. Delft. We did end up getting there. And in this store. With the awesome elephant lamp. You can visit them online as well: http://www.musthaves.nl/

The girl working there told us about lots of stuff and was really sweet. Apparently the store started out online, and became so popular they now have several ‘offline’ locations.

Cool gadgets!

If we’re starting an elephant fund, can we add this doggy too? Love!

Delft! SUPERbusy by the way. I had to make photos of Sven Hammond Soul and that show was part of Delft Jazz. Duvel Vibes is a sponsor and they asked Dimitir to make photos for them. But he’s on Lowlands being the rock n roll guy he is. So I went to Delft in his place! (Wow this was not very chronological so sorry).


Delft, is such a cool place. Doors into water and all. Really I like it a lot. It’s hell to drive through and all the tourist kinda get on my nerves (PLEASE WALK IN A DIRECT LINE TO YOUR GOAL). But the city itself is awesome. So many lovely buildings and shops. It gives a real feel of the history.

YAY I made it with week two. I still love doing this. So will keep it up =)

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