All video creation is a team effort. Where photography can be completely solo at times, moving image never is. I get to work with amazing people, most of all my dad Coen Zondervan who has become a very skilled steadicam operator. The rest of the team is made up as is needed for the project at hand. Let me know what your project needs, and lets get started!

These are some examples of video work we’ve done.

Bixby – Drawing Lines

An artistic videoclip for the song “Drawing Lines” by Bixby. A creative team and a slightly creepy story.

Altijd Solo, Nooit Alleen

A supercool project we got to do with the K9 handlers of the police force in Rotterdam.

Wij Zijn Gestrand

A promotional video for the XL band of Wij Zijn Gestrand. A super fun shoot with an equally fun result!

Droogdok Jan Blanken

A great example of how fast video tells you all you need to know (yet leaves you wanting more). This huge dock asked us to make their 1 hour tour into one minute!