Veerle and Edwin: pre-baby (or: pregnant)

I feel so weird categorizing these posts as ‘pregnant’. It’s not like Edwin suddenly got bigger boobs you know. Either way THEY are having a baby. Soon! It’s so exciting! I’ve known Edwin forever. And Veerle a bit shorter than forever. And they’re going to be a mom and dad. And they are SO COOL about it. Dear god I’d be panicking all over the place.

Nevertheless these two had time to bake me cookies, give me tea and peptalk me through the day (I have a serious shoulder injury going on, which started the day before their shoot. Could not lift a water bottle. Not kidding).

Please enjoy these two pretty people. I know I did!


I never cease to find it amazing a little human is in there.

Just checking. You know. Just in case.

Hands. Did I mention I like to photograph hands..?

And there’s a photographer on our dinner table! WHAT :D

ILL HAVE ALL THESE. These two are just so relaxed and fun to be around.

We decided to go outside as well. And just missed the rain! Hurrah!

Which is good cause I think this photos is just the best, prettiest, most gorgeous thing ever(rr). <3

And also they have such great hair! I mean! What! :)

I love how lucky we were with the light. Usually beaches are hard to hide from harsh light. But we had clouds at the perfect moments =)

Pretty people are pretty. And going to be kickass parents!

Did the skirt work? WHY YES. Also it was quite cold (or so I was told, I just ran around afraid to get my feet wet hah).

Thank you sweeties for a great day and for helping me a little bit (Edwin a lot.. carrying all my stuff!). I can’t wait to meet your soon to be family. Wow :)

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