banner optie1600Over time I got the chance to teach a variety of people. From schoolkids with nothing but  smartphones to music loving concert photographers, but also from groups as large as 90 to one-on-one photoshop sessions. I love teaching. I love being able to create an AHA-moment for someone else.  To see them grow and improve. My students always surprise me with new ideas, outlooks on life and of course great photos.

I’ve given workshops in concert photography for de Popunie, de Kroepoekfabriek and stichting ToBE/Popcentrale among others. I’ve given classes to high school studens of the st Jozef Mavo and the Johannes Calvijn but also Photoshop lessons, Basic Photography lessons, and much more. I’ve created an Online Treasure Hunt for high school kids with smartphones to make them more visually aware. Basically anything where I can use image as a way to talk to people, I love doing it.

So! If you have the need to hold a camera, crawl into photoshop or need me in another educational way. Please feel free to contact me!

There are no rules for good photographs, there are only good photographsAnsel Adams