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Marry Marv

Remember the shoot with the snow and the cold and the tough looking guys? Well I did that again with just Marry Marv and a lot better weather!

So much good weather that I took all the photos in the shade (I learned recently I should call this open shade, there now you know as well).

I have this new details obsession going on, which mostly reveals itself in pictures of hands but oh well ;)

It was great working with this guy again and I will spam you all in November when he is doing his solo release (where you will find the ever amazing boyfriend playing on stage with him!).

Cool Fresh

Remember that time when Richard played for the Queen? Well I do. I also got to meet the very inspiring Nic Jooste who does all kinds of cool things for his company Cool Fresh (do visit their website, and do read about the project called Stars in Their Eyes). They had some new employees that needed a photo for their website and whatnot and Nic asked me to make them! Woohoo!

Apart from the ‘normal’ shots all the lovely people had to think of something to do with their hands. We ended up doing ‘the ninja’, ‘the cowboy’ and ‘the james bond’ amongst many other fun things. You can guess which one is James Bond right ;)