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Kami-Lynne and Tarek Duo (also Kami solo ha!)


Two of my favorite circus people have finally started creating their duo act. And I got to photograph it! Woo! Also we did a shoot with just Kami in the same week. More woo!

I got it in my head we should take Kami and her hoop outside. Thus beautiful weather and opportunity arose and we went for it. This sounds easier than it was really. It took some tree scouting (great job Kami and Tarek) and some tree climbing and then some picking bits of tree and moss out of hair, but it was totally worth it.

ALSO since Tarek was in Holland anyway, we set a date for the duo pics. These two are amazing together. Just as I figured they would be. I love it. I can’t wait to see the whole thing. For now just the pics =)

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Veerle and Edwin: pre-baby (or: pregnant)

I feel so weird categorizing these posts as ‘pregnant’. It’s not like Edwin suddenly got bigger boobs you know. Either way THEY are having a baby. Soon! It’s so exciting! I’ve known Edwin forever. And Veerle a bit shorter than forever. And they’re going to be a mom and dad. And they are SO COOL about it. Dear god I’d be panicking all over the place.

Nevertheless these two had time to bake me cookies, give me tea and peptalk me through the day (I have a serious shoulder injury going on, which started the day before their shoot. Could not lift a water bottle. Not kidding).

Please enjoy these two pretty people. I know I did!


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Little Mylo!

I’ve been a bit, away. Literally!

So expect some massive blogging to happen.

First up is little Mylo! He is three months old now and the cutest little cutie ever when I got to meet him. You might remember this shoot (click) where I photographed his mom and dad!

So without further ado, meet Mylo!

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Video: Bixby – Drawing Lines

It’s been a while since I made a music video so I’m extra happy about this one! Lovely Simone graduated only last week and this video is part of her recent EP release ‘Exhale’ (click here for iTunes!).

We had a terrific crew with Harm van der Laan as our male lead who actually got beat a bit (!) bloody. Furthermore Manon was with me again to do make-up and hair (and be my second brain). And Edwin was there to help out with well, EVERYTHING.

Also. Since the video is black and white. SURPRISE Simone was actually completely blue.

Harm’s teeth-through-lip action. Poor guy.

I had a blast shooting this video and hope to be making some more music videos again soon :) I hope you enjoy this one! Let me know what you think =)

Maartje & Harm: Weg

I met Harm and Maartje during a 5 minute shoot for some promotional photos. I didn’t really get to talk to them much but lucky me they mailed me to make photos for them! Woohoo! The photos are for their act ‘Weg’ which you can check out here (click!)

Please don’t shoot me if I’m getting it wrong Maartje & Harm but their performance is about Maartje playing Harm’s wife. She wants to leave, and he wants her to stay.

They never speak but tell you the story through movement. It’s so cool and impressive.

Also they didn’t mind doing things a million times so I could get every angle!

CHECK THAT OUT. The trust between these two is something amazing to witness.

Her eyes. All points for pretty go to her eyes.

They played out the performance for me so I could capture the feeling. It was really cool in the middle of a field we got to ‘borrow’ from a local farmer.

Did I mention they were real troopers? We had to sprint out of the field several times with all our gear to hide from the rain!

They play this piece so well. Really. If you get the chance to see them perform. GO.

Look at our location! Woo!

And then there was this orange ball scene. WOW.

These two are making a new definition of juggling (ok circus folk please don’t laugh at me I know nothing of juggling and this is SO MUCH COOLER than creepy clowns).

Did you guess they’re the cutest couple in real life too? If not now I told ya :P I think it really helps how they perform together.

Also sexiest photo with orange ball EVER. DONE.

Right after this a MASSIVE amounts of rain came down so we ran for the car.

I loved their patience with me so I could make these kind of shots as well. I love the details and hands.

You see how she is looking away all the time? Wanting to leave. I love how all the photos portray a bit of the theme.

Though not sure she wants to leave!

Also they can do cool stuff!

Pretty girl!

Pretty boy!

I love doing shoots like this! Where I can try to add something to someone else’s creation. It’s superfun for me to work with such creative and talented people! THANK YOU Maartje and Harm :)

Emely & Lesley

A cute couple? Red hair and guitars and adorableness in general? And also: the probably last sunny day in november. All this combined adds up in a superfun photoshoot with Emely and Lesley! They’ve been together for three months so this was even a bit of a celebration!

Not only a celebration for them, but also for me! This was my try-out session for City-Sessies and I can now proudly say I’m a member! My own page isn’t up yet but I will spam you all as soon as it is! For now, enjoy these cuties!

Throughout the photoshoot they were real troopers cause to be honest, it looked sunny but it was very cold and windy! I asked them to bring something that connects them and they showed up with a guitar! Since they are both bass players (how awesome is that) I expected something musical ;)

We ran around the park like real maniacs catching the best of the remaining sunlight and I love the warm glow everything has!

So! As said earlier this a shoot for CitySessies! A really cool website where you can easily find a photographer of your liking to do a superfun photoshoot with! Go check them out! :D

Wij Zijn Gestrand

I’ve so totally spammed all of you already with this shoot but I have to blog about it ANYWAY. I mean, inflatable crocodile. Your argument is invalid.

I loved doing this shoot!

Oh and I promised an inflatable crocodile (and also lots of other beach stuff, thank you Pieter/De Beuk and Alicia!).

Do you see the 007 pose boyfriend is pulling off there? Epic. Seriously, any time this guys. Any time.

Also introducing Nigel! By lack of a better term we’ll refer to him as intern. Though I like to see him as ‘cool person hanging around with me doing cool stuff’. You’ll hear more about him for sure =)


I’m so behind on this blog I’m a bit ashamed to be honest! To make up for my terrible discipline I’ll just post most of what I’ve been upto in the last few weeks (I can’t post everything yet as some people haven’t seen their photos yet and I am SO THRILLED to be going to show them!).

You all remember the tractor hunt right? Well this is the result! I’m so grateful for all the tips and help I received, that was awesome! Thijco and his lovely mom and dad Lisette and Jan-Thijs (I sure hope I’m spelling that right!) were great company and we ended up with some nice cool drinks in the sun (and Thijco in the sandbox).

A day that was very special to me (and obviously to lovely Rosalie and Maurice!). I’m already a big sucker for weddings and would cry if not for the big camera in my hands! This one took a lot out of me in terms of keeping it dry ;) It was an amazing day and I’m honored to have been a part of it!

Most of you have probably seen this cute ball of fur on facebook already but I think there’s not such thing as ‘too many puppies’. Therefore I present: Indy, now living with my amazing aunt Willy!

Also my dad and me were at Wantijpop and Metropolis with our cameras for the Popcentrale and 3voor12/Zuid-Holland. We had a blast (and were also very happy we could get some dry clothes during Metropolos) and I got laughed at my Di-Rect fans for not kwowing ‘the dude with the beard’.

Upcoming are two more amazing weddings which I can’t wait to post and another puppy! Also for something completely different I got to do another shoot with rapper  Marry Marv from 1Duidig and I’m finalizing my two (yes! two!) new workshops! Woohoo!