St Patricksday!

If you’re Irish (or have Irish roots like me) you might have been overcome by the urge to wear green and try your best a at a jig or a guinness. I’m talking about St Paddy’s ofcourse! My dance school (Celtic Swing) organized a day with workshops and dancing performances, it was a real blast! The woman behind all this and also my dancingteacher, Marijke, asked me to bring my camera and so I did.

I. Need. These tights. Need.

This is the kids workshop! The gigantic teacher is Gyula Glaser and all the youngsters really had a blast at his workshops!

You have to appreciate the green here!

In case you’re not very informed about Irish Dancing: all those sparkles and colors? That’s an irish dancing dress! These are made by the lovely Kirsten Kerkhof (click for more of her dresses) who also gave a workshop in Scottish Dancing!

Which looks like this :) And yeah, the swords are supposed to be there.

I don’t think I need to explain why I posted this right?

There was also an advanced dancing workshops by aforementioned Gyula. It was SO busy!

By the end of the day all the workshops were done, and so was the floor. To finish there was a grand presentation by the showgroup from Celtic Swing and also by all the dancers from the entire school. It was a great day!

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