Making Your Band

Making Your Band is a cool day for bands where they can find tips and advice on basically everything you can think of. The Popunie organizes this day and asked Robert Tjalondo and me to take photos of over 24 acts that day!

These are some of my favorites!

This colorful foursome is called “Kreatones”. I’ve seen them play before in the High School Music Competition and they are great and disco and sparkly!

Somehow all the girls I took photos of had GREAT hair. Seriously. This band is called “No Reply” and I’m very curious to see them play!

This girl is Demira Jansen! I had a lot of fun with her and she was very easy to work with. Almost all acts were very easy to work with by the way which was very great cause I was quite sick that day and my imitation of a seal was very much spot on.. It’s a fun challenge to meet that many acts in a single day and still come up with new spots and ways to take a photo of them in a short amount of time, but I loved doing it :)

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