Little Mylo!

I’ve been a bit, away. Literally!

So expect some massive blogging to happen.

First up is little Mylo! He is three months old now and the cutest little cutie ever when I got to meet him. You might remember this shoot (click) where I photographed his mom and dad!

So without further ado, meet Mylo!

Isn’t that a WINNING stretch?

I can’t get enough of little feet. Really.

Look at this family being lovely :)

Takkie is allowed to was Mylo’s feet hih.

Proud dad! Mylo was born on his birthday! Wow :)

Oh and little hands. Those I can’t get enough of either

Thyra is going to be the most stylish mom ever. Period.

Lovely cards from family and friends.

Isn’t he the smallest precious wee one?

CAN I PLAY TOO? Oh this doggy <3

Takkie washing Mylo’s feet again. Apparently he has dirty feet ;)

It was a wopping 26 degrees and Mylo didn’t give a peep. Just chilling.

Remember we made this with Mylo still IN the belly?

Oh. He is MINE btw. GROAR.

Yay i’m so happy for Thyra and Dyaj! They are already great parents and I’m sure I’ll see Mylo grow up in front of my camera ;)

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