Linda and Jeroen: wedding

When Linda and Jeroen asked me for their wedding I don’t think I let them finish the question. Sushi and talking followed, and later on the wedding! I didn’t go alone, the entire Big Yes was there as well! Good times! :)

Pretty flowers and shoes!

Pretty Linda! Still in progress here, no flowers in hair yet! Florence is SUCH an amazing MUAH (make up AND hair). She just ‘gets’ it :)

Linda and Jeroens little boy Hugo had the most amazing oufit. Score.

So did mom of course!


All done! Pretty Linda, is pretty!

Also a sleeved dress! Wow. I loved it. The back is so pretty!

Notice how her dad is helping too? This is the BEST thing ever. Dads usually hide until all the dressing up is done lol.

Nerves? What nerves? Just radiating!

BOOM there he is the man of the hourr!

We did a  ‘first’ look. So much fun and it really adds to the surprise. Also no one gets stuck in a hallway ;)

Like they fell in love for the first time. SO CUTE!

Oh man. MELTING.

DId I mention HOW SUPER WARM it was? Is this photo a hint

Gift time! I love how they cooperated with the whole unwrapping thing :)

This photo was taken super legally with my following them in my own car. ..

Quickly we ran into the shadows in the park!

Like a boss!

We made their photos in a japanese (chinese? oh help) garden. It was great and so quiet there.

Hands. Always hands.

And this super cheeky look! Gorgeous!

These two. Are just so good together :)

No dress in the sun ok? ‘OK EHM WHAT”. They managed :D

Fun in car! I’m not big on taking photos ‘with’ a car. The car is usually inanimate (Bumblebee excluded) and therefore not a great photo companion..

IN a car however is great. PPL have all kinds of ‘car’ behaviour :) (wow sorry if you lost me there hah).

Did I mention this beautiful location? And it’s winning chandliers?

Wow :) There was a mirror on my left, it was great.

Put a ring on it! (oh wait that refers to the girl..)

Extra kisses! I love couples who do that. I mean. It’s your day, you can kiss if you want to.

Jeroens mother has the award wining smile of all weddings past present and future.

Little Hugo was DONE with this whole dress up kissing hugging party ;)

I love these first hugs. It’s the start of merging two families together.

And to shove your bouquet up your moms nose.


Ehm. Wow. There was coco and pineapple and I forgot the other layer but wow was it great.

Also! These came without alcohol too! I was so happy!

Wij Zijn Gestrand AT A BEACH PARTY. Or in their natural habitat ;)

Father in law of the groom. Also best hat wearer of 2014. I had such a heartwarming talk with him later on. It’s amazing to be able to be so close to people and their family on their wedding day. You really become a small part of it. If only for a bit.

Hugo changed his outfit for the party. He is a close contender for hat of the year 2014.

The day ended with dinner with their closest friends and family. I can’t think of a better thing to end a day like this on!

Thank you Linda and Jeroen! It was a beautifil day with an emotional and equally fun ceremony. Also with your splendid company which made for a relaxed and sunny day!

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