Leendert & Jeanine and also Wij Zijn Gestrand in Ermelo

Recently Wij Zijn Gestrand and I teamed up for the wedding of Jeanine and Leendert. All the way in Ermelo. Honestly I don’t know where that is cause my love drove me there :) But it was pretty, and the location was even prettier. Situated in the middle of a forrest with little lights and fireplaces and yay!

Enter Jeanine and Leendert! It’s kinda odd for me to only arrive at a wedding when it’s all ‘over’ and only the partying remains (‘only’ thsss big party hurrah!). So I instantly went into TAKE ALL THE PHOTOS mode and Leendert and Jeanine were just totally cool with that!

Look at this cool tent for example. Imagine a ton of trees, and another space for people to dance to Wij Zijn Gestrand (which you’ll see more of in following pics duh!).

There they are! See those wooden walls in the background? It was all like that. So pretty! I kinda want to live in that forest.

Anything I put here will be biased so: isn’the gorgeous :)

How COOL is this window sticker? Made from Jeanine and Leendert’s thumb prints. OH MAN I love this.

Meet Leendert! Who is curiously looking about..

Jeanine had a BIG surprise for Leendert. She announced ’cause you’re such a terrible dancer, we prepared something ourselves’. You understand from that sentence on I could only love this girl right?

Oh and also him, cause look at his exicted face!

HOW COOL. I know I’m saying how cool everywhere but come on. Look at this spectacular girl :)

AND look at this thank you from Leendert. Oh how cute how cute how cute!

Wij Zijn Gestrand had reheaersed a special song for the couple (I think it was Racoon?). And I got these not-quite-first-dance shots!

Are you not melting?

The venue was so nice. And the people working there were great. Getting us drinks and whatnot at exactly the right time and wow. Such a great atmosphere!

Ill end with my favorite picture. SO MUCH LOVE. Again I’m usually no longer around by the end of the party but now I was. And I’m so happy I got to make these photos. Again, ALL THE LOVE.

Thank you Jeanine and Leender for having me, and of course having Wij Zijn Gestrand. We all had a blast and are honored to have been a part of your amazing day.


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