Jennifer & Rick

As mentioned before, it’s the month of love here. Jennifer and Rick asked me for a shoot with the two of them together and I jumped to answering yes before they ended their question.

I’ve known Rick for around five years now (yeah that long!) and obviously his guitar was coming with. Jennifer has amazing baking skills so clearly some food was to come as well. What I didnt know was she had en pointe shoes as well (kick me I only know the Irish Dance terms hah). This all made for so much to play with I was and am one happy photographer!

They picked the location and it was amazingly pretty, with even more impressive weather. And also, hello, how cute are these two :)

Jennifer baked cupcakes which we all got to eat during or after the shoot. HURRAY. All shoots should have cupcakes. Just my opinion.

And the final two I’m posting! I’m restraining myself here ;) Cuteness galore! Woo! Can’t wait to do more of these shoots. Fall in love people please. GO. 

Thanks for a great afternoon Jennifer and Rick :D

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