Friends in Heeten

I was asked to join a big group of friends in Heeten. Eh. That’s near Deventer. And yes, I got lost on the way there. And on the way back.

Nevertheless it was GREAT. The ladies were staying in a little bungalow on a farm. Cows, horses, chickens, little bunnies. EVERYTHING.

Remember that day, with the rain and the storm and the thunder and lightning? Yep. That was our day. By some miracle we had no rain exactly when we were outside (for a photo..).

These ladies were SUCH fun. I usually don’t try to direct people too much. I like you as you are. AndI try to photograph you as such.

So much fun, and love in this group of girls. No need for me to tell them to be nice to eachother ;)

BULL. We learned he likes to be pet. With a broom. Not kidding.

There were tons of spots for us to use. Most of them had cows in the background. How great :)

I couldn’t resist ;) Love little details.

Also don’t all these ladies look fabulous?

I only knew Lieke, but they all made me feel so at home. Giving me tea and cookies. And big smiles :)

Those freckles. All the win.

I had a big profile shot day. But they all had such great profiles. So. There you go.

The cows were checking us out regularly. It was such a nice and quiet spot to be.

See. More profile shots. She looks stunning!

Sometimes it even feels ‘not dutch’ to me. Even with all the cows. Or maybe cause it was such a long drive ;)

The ladies devised a ‘switch around’ technique which worked like this “RUN AROUND LIKE MAD”.

It led to the most fun in between shots ever. I’m going to steal your strategy girls!

Oh yeah!

Did I mention how underdressed I was? Luckily I didn’t have to be in any shots ;)

We got to throw a lot of hay around! Really. I was covered hah. So were the girls ofcourse ;)

It was raining JUST a bit. But not enough to hold us back!

Actually raining now. But still. NO HOLDING US BACK ;)

Ok, we accepted some form of defeat and went indoors to pet the cows. One of them had a bit of died pink hair. She licked me. It was the best thing ever.

Indoors works just fine too!

Also there was more hay to throw around indoors :)

THANK YOU ladies for having me over on your little retreat. I had a blast with you and felt so welcome. Also I love your photos, so much fun in them!

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