Firebrigade: Hoogtereddingsteam

So. Clearly I don’t have a proper word for ‘hoogtereddingsteam’ but these guys rescue people from CRAZY heights. Really. Crazy. Thanks to Ron Bahnerth I was allowed to join in on one of their trainings and I had a blast!

So. This was the view from where we were standing. Yeah. I think it’s pretty high. The guys from the team were like ‘yeah! Nice and easy this one!’.

This is Ron showing how it’s supposed to be done. Doesn’t he look all calm?

Ok. So. Ofcourse.. I was going to go as well! Keep in mind I was going to climb over that little tiny fence thing there..

I got checked, and checked again. And checked again. Also, they secured my camera to me! Awesome thinking there.

While dangling there I took this photo of them all! Giving directions like that is a bit of a challenge ;)

So, if anyone needs a photographer for big heights, count me in!

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