Diary: week 36 in black & white

This I’ve been glued to my camera mostly. And sadly I can’t publish most of them until they’ve been released in the book they’re meant for (BUT THERES A BOOK SO YAY!). I tried to keep up with ym diary a bit but it’s really hard for me to combine with assignments. As I’m super focused on well, the assignment.

This monday I took photos for the Solex team (WHO WON YEAH) with our mayor. These are totally not them. These guys are part of a wedding I kinda ended up in and took some photos of.. If anyone knows them. I have a kickass throwing the bouquet shot..

This week was also world harbour days week (or just wereld haven dagen). I was at work there as well accompanied by the best boyfriend ever. Really. Carried my gear all day like the gent he is.

THIS lovely cutie pie was there as well as her daddy is a fireman too :) (you might have seen my dad if you were there, he was hosting the fire brigade demonstrations!).

I wasn’t home that much but when I was I tried to keep up with all the photoshopping AND not locking myself indoors. I got these bright pink (why was this black & white thing a good idea..?) ear phones cause I lost the old ones. The next day I obviously found the old ones back.

MILK AND JUICE. I’m trying the healthy stuff.

My camera did a weird (not the good kind of weird) auto focus thing which i couldn’t reproduce. Which is good. Flukes are ok. But I ended up with a gazillion photos of my fee and the table and the floor..

Rocking the bread.. Doesn’t mozzarella look icky in b&w? BUT rocking the bread.. Can’t eat porridge all my life.

Boyfriend <3

I’m not really sorry for all the shoe shots. I like our feet together. Happy feet.

Also I’m not sorry for all the pics of his hands. I love his hands :)

This week is fruit give away week.. apparently. I need to make a photo of a pineapple. So they gave me a TON (pretty ones btw, they are handpicked). If I need more they’ll bring more. Gotta love the CoolFresh guys! :)

Also I went on a job with my dad in Arnhem. Where they tried to give us TWO crates of apples. That’s 44 apples. We managed to only take one and not insult anyone.


I loved this week. Ill love it more when I can post the photos I made but still. It’s superbusy. That’s why I’m a bit late with this. And also it’s a bit short. I’m ok with it ;)

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