Dance Photography

Let’s dance!

Do you want to show off your dance moves? Well, lets go and do that! I have a lot of experience with all kinds of performers, and it’s fantastic to bring that creative world of movement into an image. Also, I’m an Irish dancer myself!

So how does that work for you?

Very easy. You send me an e-mail! We pick a date, and together we come up with a great location where you feel good, and we can make great photos. I work best ‘on location’, that can be indoors and outdoors. Bring your good mood and favorite outfits (there is no such thing as bringing ‘too much stuff’) and I will guide you through the entire shoot.

Then what?

The good part starts! The shoot will take between one and two hours. It helps if your hair looks great and your make-up is fabulous. If you like, I can help find you a make-up and hair artist. Together we decide what outfit works best for your particular style and of course we try different things.

How about after?

When we’re done the selection and editing starts. I pick the best images and will edit these to look their and your greatest. Within two weeks you can download all your files from your personal online gallery (print sizes too!).

Your Photoshoot

1 to 2 hour unique photoshoot

Coaching to get your best moves on image

All selected images available in personal gallery


(locations further than 30 minutes from Rotterdam not included in price)

E-Mail me!