Little Mylo!

I’ve been a bit, away. Literally!

So expect some massive blogging to happen.

First up is little Mylo! He is three months old now and the cutest little cutie ever when I got to meet him. You might remember this shoot (click) where I photographed his mom and dad!

So without further ado, meet Mylo!

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Friends in Heeten

I was asked to join a big group of friends in Heeten. Eh. That’s near Deventer. And yes, I got lost on the way there. And on the way back.

Nevertheless it was GREAT. The ladies were staying in a little bungalow on a farm. Cows, horses, chickens, little bunnies. EVERYTHING.

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Anne: yoga teacher extraordinare

When I received Anne’s mail containing the words ‘yoga teacher’ i could barely wait to go out and play. Eh. Make photos. I had a ton of ideas and she was in for all of them.

I know exactly nothing about yoga so eh, sorry to be disappointing about explaining what’s going on in the photos ;)


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Video: Bixby – Drawing Lines

It’s been a while since I made a music video so I’m extra happy about this one! Lovely Simone graduated only last week and this video is part of her recent EP release ‘Exhale’ (click here for iTunes!).

We had a terrific crew with Harm van der Laan as our male lead who actually got beat a bit (!) bloody. Furthermore Manon was with me again to do make-up and hair (and be my second brain). And Edwin was there to help out with well, EVERYTHING.

Also. Since the video is black and white. SURPRISE Simone was actually completely blue.

Harm’s teeth-through-lip action. Poor guy.

I had a blast shooting this video and hope to be making some more music videos again soon :) I hope you enjoy this one! Let me know what you think =)

The Pendulum’s Motion

A bit back the guys from Pendulum’s Motion asked me to make their promo pics. Hurrah! Somehow I had just thought of a cool location a week before. So this totally had to happen.

In case you’re wondering, it’s in Hoek van Holland, near and on the pier.

These guys were real troopers. As soon as we arrived not only did it start to rain, like crazy. Hail soon followed. By then we were halfway on the pier and decided to go on. Luckily! Cause I really love the shoot.

As you can see we were soon rewarded with bits of blue sky. Don’t be fooled. I was being sandblasted hah.

These were a lot of fun to hang out with. I love it when people just show up and ‘be’.

And they did! One of my favorites.

Truth be told. They all ran off like little girls after the wave hit them ;) (OH sorry that was not ok for the rock n roll image :P).

A good thing we have this shot. For their badassery image.

Reflections. Gotta love them.

The guys are currently using this one for their shows :)!

I feel you’re not believing me on the bad weather part..

I love this. It could be anywhere. The waves. Love it.

Thanks for asking me gentlemen! And for being such heroes and not giving up on the shoot! We were definitely rewarded!

Cooper’s (first) birth(day)

Oh boy. I got to photograph something so special. Amazing Kim and Ron allowed me to be there with them during the birth of their son Cooper. I’m still completely awed when I look back at the pictures and am stoked I get to share them with you.


As you can imagine I’ve never been present during a birth (apart from my own but well, memory is limited). So everything was NEW. The midwife was really cool about me being there and explaining me all kinds of things. This gadget makes you hear the little babies heartbeat. Which sounds like an army marching IMO.


Dads can’t really do much but wait. This is such a Ron picture. At least as I know him :)


Of course they can hold hands. Which is completely their job.


Lots of THINGS. I’m not sure what and how. It’s quite a science.


The only thing I was worried about, was seeing Kim in pain. And I predicted that right. It’s so hard seeing someone you care about in a lot of pain.


She was a super hero btw. She was not feeling too great at all here but still all smiles at the staff and nurses. As far as I’m concerned she could have been yelling at everyone and still be totally OK in my book.


Those nails! Most stylish birth ever.


Also on the toes. Of course.


I think this is one of the most emotional pictures I ever took. I promised myself to photograph the ‘story’ as it developed. And so I did.




This is Cooper! He was superchill straight away. He did the obligatory cry and then just chilled and looked around. It was such an amazing moment. This is the first picture. Ever. He had been in the world for mere seconds. Wow.


Look at those little smudgy feet. Aw!


Dad got to do the honors!


<3 so much love


Kim’s mother was there as well. She was such a support. Everyone was such a support!


Many peeking at the new family member!


Dad has to make the phonecalls ofc.


Obsessed with feet. Yes. SO TINY.


See? Just chilling. Looking around like a boss. Totally on top of things.


Just in case I messed up ;)

Oh wow I’m still so honored to have been allowed there. It’s so amazing to realize that little baby is only minutes old. I was on such a natural high the days after.

Thank you Kim and Ron (and Cooper!). Thank you! I hope I get to do this again for someone someday :)

Celtic Swing

As you might or might know.. I’m an Irish Dancer (add dramatic music here). So when the Celtic Swing showgroup needed photos I didn’t need to think very long. Yay!

The awesome Ivan let us into his gorgeous Dolhuis (click) and we had the place to ourselves to make new promotion pics! Yay!


I had the ladies jump up and down at least a gazillion times. Because why not ;)


These guys and girl are the band for the coming live shows. For all you geeky music people: boy on the right is holding a bodhran. Google it.


GLITTER. And also toestands. Looks so easy right?


Oh and more jumping! Why not!


This is Marlon, I made her do all my test shots. Poor girl ;) She looks amazing though! Yay!


The whole ‘crew’. This group is going to be performing altogether. When I have more info on when I will obviously spam you with it!


Also, this is Marijke! Our amazeballs teachers. She has over 80 students and with that Celtic Swing (click!) is the biggest Irish Dance school in The Netherlands :)


BECAUSE YOU CAN. Yeah. I made it a workout ;)


Lovely girls! I had a great day shooting these photos and should have put them up MUCH earlier :)

Thyra & Dyaj

One of my favorite friends and stylists in the world is going to have a little baby together with her lovely boyfriend Dyaj!

This means I got to make the best styled photos of a pregnant couple EVAR. LOVE IT.


How awesome is the blue dress? That awesome. I agree.


And how cute are they? I love how Thyra’s bump matches her so well hih.


Of course little Takkie had to be in as many pictures as possible.


You’ll even find him in this shot if you look closely.


And obviously in this one. This little guy was standing on the table just seconds later!


I can’t wait to see what the little baby will look like. Most likely VERY gorgeous.


One of my favorites!




Together in their amazing house. Don’t you just love the windows?


Many aw!


My favorite shot of Dyaj! (By now I hope I’m spelling his name right.. SO SORRY).


Pretty cuties!


I love how much fun they have together. I imagine a very happy baby coming!


Family picture!


Ofcourse the little one has a wardrobe ready to go. How could it be different with a mom like Thyra?

I feel very happy having made these photos for these lovelies. I went home all bouncy (and well fed with grilled cheese and macarons HMMM).

I hope you enjoy them as well!

Backstreet Boys in Ahoy

I got to photograph the Backstreet Boys! That is just so, full circle. Those guys are the first concert I ever went to! I think I was 12, together with my best friend Malou. Apparently we giggled about it for days. My dad had bought us tickets (isn’t he the best?).

Either way, when I learned they were touring (as a 5 piece) I just HAD TO GO. Luckily Shantih from Greenhouse Talent also thought I should go so there I was. 12 year old me would probably be screaming and crying hah.

SO, Backstreet’s back ALRIGHT.

What I actually really love about big shows like these, is the stage. I mean really, it’s like a theater. Solid lightplan and all. BAM. Oh and also LOOK AT THE BACKSTREET BOYS (and of course I’m listening to their songs as I’m typing this blog).

Nick Carter ladies and gentlemen. Nick Carter.

Brian and AJ with their quite cool socks. Have to give them props on the socks.

There was a lot of AJ in the show. I can’t remember if it was always like that. But he has a beard now. And tons of tattoos. I think he’s hipster AJ now (fine by me!). Also he has leopard print nailpolish. Not visible in this shot. I’m so sorry. He has some cool colored dots on his right hand though.

I love that just decided to still rock all the dance moves. I used to have their routines memorized ;)

He secretly wants to be in a rockband. I’m sure of it. I googled them and  Nick is now very much inked up as well.

My all time favorite: BRIAN (ok and Kevin is in the shot too). He brought his son to do the support act (see down below).

More Brian. Because I can. And a bit for Wendy. Who is my fellow Brian fan.

See! Rockband aspirations! Kevin was playing keys. I spotted some more guitars on the side of the stage so I’m sure there was more guitarplaying further along in the show.

I managed to get a little Howie in there as well. Needless to say I had a blast. Ahoy was filled to the brim and girls were screaming their lungs out. It was great. I felt giddy all over again hah.

This little guy is Brians son. I had no idea. But the fans told us his name is Baylee. There were fans holding signs with ‘you rock Baylee’. That might have been a hint to us as well ;)

And there was an a-capella support act called The Exchange.


Kunstbende: Zuidplein

Since I made a gazillion photos for Kunstbende i wont post them all. I decided a favorites post would be handy! If not for you, at least I’m happy about it ;)

Somehow I ended up converting the first Image to black and white. And loving it. So my favorites are all black and white!

The first two are both from the metal band that opened that day. They were like “WHATEVER have some METAL for BREAKFAST”. Loved it!

It was lunch time. Really. But still. Rocking it.

This lady had a female drummer with her. Thus. Favorite.

Anouk got second place in the dance category. She was so expressive. Even when you can’t see her face.

How can mister Oscar NOT be in my favorites? This fine gentleman was a great host as usual1

This girl WON the dance category! And I’m in love with this shot of Joyeuse!

The main man! Tim Prins. He tried to teach me to juggle. It failed (as I predicted).

This girl was in the ‘Young Stage’ act. I’m cluesless on who she is but I loved the performance!

And finally the winners for the music category! Atlax & The Fox. These guys were great and I love their songs!

I hope you’re anjoying this black and white phase ;) I don’t think I’m done with it yet!