Shot by Megin (or also week 34 in photos)

I figure I might as well come up with a new name every week for this post ;)

This week consisted of trying to wrap op Alice in Wonderland and that actually working out (yay!). So I didn’t do much besides editing for the first half of the week.


This deserves a photo. An avocado that’s not brown/terrible/etc by Albert Heijn.


Which I made yummy guac with for lunch :) (this is as far as ‘cooking’ goes with me. I actually cut my finger while making this..)


BUT IT WAS GREAT. Ok there was a bit too much onion in there. But I blame the recipe for that (it said one onion).


My morning face.. I’ve been sleeping terrible. If I do sleep I have nightmares. It’s very tiring. But I figured it’s a big part of my week so a photo of my morning fuzzyness.


New tags! For giving photos!


I went to Wijk Bij Duurstede to bring Luuk and Marieke their usb with photos! I’ll finally post a blog about their supersunny wedding soon!


This little foot belongs to Hugo!


He was VERY serious about meeting me. He is such a sweetie! He was very calm and demanded a hug from me. After which he retreated back to his mom very quickly. Who I was there to meet for sushi! And wedding talk! I had a lovely dinner with Linda in The Hague (where I can’t find my way to save my life but she’s a great tourguide hih).


Somewhere during the editting bit my aunt called me and said “Ikea?” to which I said: YES PLEASE. And so I escaped final cut pro ;)


And bought lots of goodies! Actually half of what I bought is for Marieke for her awesome baking things to be put on. You’ll probably see them in photos soon :)


I cannot leave Ikea without a blanket. Even if I go: NO BLANKETS. I see a new color. And come up with an excuse for me to buy it.


More Marieke stuff ;)


I GOT LUCKY. I got the last two of these duvet covers. Which I love. Which I got a huge discount (yes the 2.50 IS the price woo!). I already had this actually but wanted them for Hoek van Holland as well :)


I’m not that great at ‘real’ jewelry. This ring was given to me by my mom and dad and I rediscovered it. It’s so simple, but so pretty. And was given with love. <3


It was time for the annual Elvado bbq! OH MAN was that good food. Meint-Jan has his own fish stand and the salmon was to die for. All the food was great by the way, props for Bas and Meint-Jan for organizing this all. We had a blast :)


Somehow we ended up in Scheveningen. Which has this one awesome building. We went there to see The Wolverine by the way. Maybe I should blog about my geekyness some other day ;)


And when you turn around there’s a casino. Yeah.


The weird thing is I’m so used to the beautiful beaches in Hoek van Holland I expected this to be the same. It’s not. Scheveningen is a bit of a mess. BUT seagulls there, some of them: have AWESOME hair. Like. Really. But they kept running away from me so you’ll have to settle for this one.


This thing. What is up with it?


Sea and sand and shells are gorgeous everywhere though.


And badass seagulls. Look at him pose.


Shoes in sand :)


It’s a bit of a mess this beach. Apart from the Kurhaus. It feels like I’m in Salou. I’ve never even been to Salou.


Love :)



The beach was covered in little seagull feet. How cute!


As we drove back it started to rain and we saw birds everywhere huddle closely together.

Week 33 in pictures

Yay week two of the diary thingy. I’m still trying to come up with a witty name but so far I’m going to stick with weeknumbers. Any brilliant suggestions are welcome. I was indoors a lot for the first half of the week so not that exciting there ;)

On mondays we (we being my dad and I) go to Elvado. Lots of doggies there with their owners training them to be badass police/military/etc dogs. I took a gazillion photos and am ONLY POSTING THIS ONE. Be PROUD ;)

I have a porridge phase right now. Once every few months I get SO TIRED of bread. Really can’t stand the sight of it. But one must eat. So I make porridge the way my mom used to make it for me when I was a kid (sugar yay!).

Also I dragged myself to the gym on tuesday. Hurrah. Can you feel the enthusiasm?

The two pairs of (rain)boots are our dogwalking/Elvado-things. I like our hallway =)

In an attempt to not skip bread completely I’ve rekindled my love for tuna. HOW COULD I FORGET?

I matched an outfit. Really. This is a feat. Which is why Ill be repeating the wearing of it later this week ;)

This is Carlos. As of right now he’s still working for the police. But he’ll be retiring in a few months and then will live with us. He’s 10 years old, and very very social. We’ve been meeting with him for a couple of weeks now and will keep meeting with him until he comes over to us. It’s all still a bit fast. But it felt right, and sometimes things fall into place like that. Also he LOVES swimming. And has this thing where he doesn’t shake out the water until you’re very near to him and bound to get wet (really, he plans it!).

MOAR porridge. It’s thursday morning by now. It’s kinda nice to have something warm to eat in the morning though.

Friday my love and I went to Groningen. We went there to deliver the Michael and Janines wedding album. I LOVE bringing it to see how the couple reacts. But we promised Rotterdam gifts, so we went to the Koekela! Cause where else can you go?

I bought several bags.. One on which was slaughtered in the car on the way there..

If for some reason you don’t know where Koekela is, it’s on the Nieuwe Binnenweg in Rotterdam. You can also do a high tea and other nice thing there =)

Had to stop myself at some point from taking photos of EVERYTHING. But please do visit the shop. Great carrot cake too!

On a little break from the 5 hour trip to Groningen (the way back was only 2.5 yeah we detour).

So. We have boy-girl shoe colors. Yeah. That happened.

Driving for too long. This was a very nice parking stop though!

My ‘I’ve been sitting still too long and there’s no internet here face’

Ok not true I was quite alright =) (Shoes mathching the shirt yes yes!)

The boyfriend DOES get a tan. Actually. So there’s the slight chance we wont have glow-in-the-dark-babies.

On the way to Groningen we visited the little village my loves father was born in. This was the view from ppl’s backyard (yeah I sneaked around with my camera like a paparazzi).

Isn’t it cute? And quiet? And yes this street is the entire village!

Then we arrived at Janine and Michaels! Who were very happy with their wedding album (yay!) and i will post their wedding pics this week!

Janine made this amazing vegetarian dish for us! We were completely spoiled with yummie guacamole and other nice things with bread as well!

On saturday I had to work in Delft. Where the boyfriend accompanied me to. We got stuck. In traffic. So. Here’s my shoes (they’re new actually, and for colder weather, but I figured I was cold enough now).


I do love his hands.

Woo! Selfie. As we were standing still I could balance the cam on my knees ;)

OMG I WANT THIS ELEPHANT. REALLY. Someone please start a fund cause it’s 155 euros and I cant afford that. BUT WOW. ITS SO AWESOME.

So, eh. Delft. We did end up getting there. And in this store. With the awesome elephant lamp. You can visit them online as well:

The girl working there told us about lots of stuff and was really sweet. Apparently the store started out online, and became so popular they now have several ‘offline’ locations.

Cool gadgets!

If we’re starting an elephant fund, can we add this doggy too? Love!

Delft! SUPERbusy by the way. I had to make photos of Sven Hammond Soul and that show was part of Delft Jazz. Duvel Vibes is a sponsor and they asked Dimitir to make photos for them. But he’s on Lowlands being the rock n roll guy he is. So I went to Delft in his place! (Wow this was not very chronological so sorry).


Delft, is such a cool place. Doors into water and all. Really I like it a lot. It’s hell to drive through and all the tourist kinda get on my nerves (PLEASE WALK IN A DIRECT LINE TO YOUR GOAL). But the city itself is awesome. So many lovely buildings and shops. It gives a real feel of the history.

YAY I made it with week two. I still love doing this. So will keep it up =)

Throw ALL the colorpowder!

Hi dolls!

I wanted to do this shoot a long time coming and thanks to one of my amazing students (Sharda! Much love!) I was able to! She score some holi powder for me and all I had to do was find a location and people to throw (it at).

Thanks to the amazing guys from the Elbeweg and the Maxima-kazerne we found a remote spot! (THANK YOU RON MASSIVE THANKS!).

So all that was left is get everyone there (quite the roadtrip) and throw some color around! WOOHOO!

By the by! These shots are either by me, OR by my dad! It’s up to you to guess ;) (nerd hint, he has the 70-200 mm)

You might recognize Tarek :) (cause you know I actually don’t have a gazillion friends who fly around like that).

Keep a close eye! And also helping out with: ladders, carrying people, throwing the powder, saving eyes with too much powder in it. You know! Hero stuff!

I’ts been a long time since I got to take photos of Tarek and Kamy-Linne (oh please let me spell that right the first try) together. I loved it!

Isn’t this cool?

And isn’t she cool?

So. This is what we looked like :P

Ok really running low now on ppl who can do these kind of awesome moves. Meet Soesja! In some weird way this is the first time she was in front of my camera! WHUT!

Remember these two? You better! Cause they were on the photos that got me nominated for the Bruidsfoto Awards earlier this year remember? Roman and Nathalie!

Pretty cute pretty cute aww!

This is lovely Ilona! She was along together with Margot in matching outfits and everything!

I love it! They were a blast to have along for the day. I should always bring them to shoots. The firemen instantly started bringing them drinks :)

Margot, Roufaida and Ilona <3

Oh yeah! I love every photo of this shoot. I had to stop myself from posting them ALL.

Veerle and Edwin were there as well! Somehow they got the worst of it hah ;)

Which they didn’t mind at all!

Pretty and cute couple!

See what I mean ;)

The pattern in her hair! So Awesome!

Roufaida had a plan.. Fireman at the ready to help out ;)


How awesome is this :)

Moves! They got them!

She isn’t as blue as you would have thought right?

Aww :)

So! One couple got a black and white. Everyone else was totally bouncy and happy happy. But this was such a calm and inward pose, I tried it in black and white. I know, completely besides the point of the shoot but I love it anyway. It makes for a very still image somehow.

For your reference, it looks great in color too!

Apparently it washes out quite well.. If you have some dreft for you hair ;)

Who are that? René and Jasper were there as well (Jasper will you start a blog already!). René got some cool video footage of the day and Jasper took amazing shots too (BLOG THEM Jasper go go go!).

I should bring her as a pose instructor. Really. She was awesome :)

Margot and Ilone figured she now has ‘space leggings’, which you pay a lot for so score!

I’m not sure what happened to the powder throwing team here but I love the shot anyway :)

Margot in full action! Woo!

And a closeup!

Ilona is just letting it all happen! :)

Two cute girls!

Oh, actually, two cute pink and orange girls ;)

And again, they got the worst of it ;)

Roufaida managed to be supercute no matter what. HOW does that work!


It’s all biodegradable. No worries!

My love was there as well ofcourse <3

By the time he was up the throwing team really got the hang of it :)

After he rubbed his face the blue and yellow mixed and made for hulk colors! HULK CUTE!

Again thanks everyone for providing me with your lovely company and willingness to throw stuff around, just for the sake of me coming up with plans like that. I had a blast!

Much love to everyone!

ps video of this all will follow! Right René ;)?

Respect for photography

Hi sweeties,

First off. I’m trying* to not make this a whiny post. Really.

The biggest part (make that 99.9%) of the people that I’ve made photos for are more than respectful towards my photos. It’s awesome and amazing to see what photos can come to mean for a family or any single person really. I’m blessed to be able to do this job and I get to work with such wonderful people.

On the other hand. There’s people out there who feel the need to change something about the photo I made. Usually this means cropping it in some way, but sometimes it also means altering it completely or adding things to it.

No doubt, I still love those people to bits. Hense the 99.9% of awesomeness**. DULY NOTED.

Now back to the cropping and crafting. Not going into the works of copyright and such. But just how it feels for me:
It’s a bit like ‘hey thanks for the pic, but it’s MUCH BETTER with just my face on it so I just cut the other stuff off’.

If you were a musician you could compare it to ‘great solo, I cut it out of the song though and made a happy hardcore remix cause I like that better YEAH m/’.

Not only does that leave me with a feeling of you actually not liking the pic, it leaves you with a non suitable image for web (or anything really, cause hey pixels don’t come out of thin air and now it looks like monkeypoop).

I am more than willing to talk to you about whether or not you’d like a different version of a photo, and if possible I’ll crop it for you personally. I want you to have something that you’re happy with. Which is why I usually take photos of not only your face but also you as a whole person and MANY MORE things. ALL the things ;) So you can have all the things =)

So really, please don’t edit my photos yourself***. Unless you’re my lifelong best friend and know EXACTLY how I feel about what you’re doing.****

*I’m sure you’ll let me know if I failed right =)
*** Sugar on top. Cherries optional.
**** You know who you are. If you don’t: don’t edit the picture or monkeypoop follows.

Graduation part II

Ok. So. It’s quite impossible for anyone to have missed this but nevertheless, I’m posting them! In Graduation Part I was allowed to pick my own topic to make a series about. But for the other assignment I had to make a campaign for Twitter. I decided to be a bit of a critic since people use Twitter to let the world know they are ‘all out of milk’ or of course ‘waiting for the bus’.

These two are Danny & Daanie. Yes, those are really their names. I want to thank you guys yet again for all your time and effort :) Awesome photos are awesome.

I had a lot of fun making these photos. The hardest thing was to not laugh while making them since it would break the concentration. Afterwards we got to eat popcorn ;)

Via twitter and other social media I asked you all to join in on the project and make your own versions. You guys came up with such cool ideas I almost felt the need to expand the series (almost, the exam date was coming up hah)!

I won’t repost the entire series (again) since I kinda spammed most of you to death on twitter and facebook but if you are interested in more you can find everything right here.

Graduation part I

As you might or might not have noticed: I graduated! Oh yeah! Which is also the main reason I kinda neglected this blog. Completely. After the last post about Tarik everything became very much, busy..

But now! I’m done! And I figure it’s time to show any of you who haven’t seen them the graduation series. Since they are as different as could be I’ll start with the one about Tarik. That’s where I left off!

I have so many photos of this guy by now I can probably make a book, or two. I love this portrait because it explains so much about him, without him actually doing anything.

Also one of my favorites. This was in a theater all the way in Alkmaar.

This is at his physical therapist. A man kind enough to tolerate me around with a camera in his practice.

When I took the first photos I had no circus vocabulary whatsoever. Actually I still don’t. All I can tell you is that the black ropes are called straps. After a while I gave certain poses my own names though.. I think you can guess this one ;)

The point of the series was to not only show Tarik’s life on stage, but even more so the other side. Where he spends a lot of his time alone, training and being on the road.

I had a lot of fun making all these photos. I’m obviously not posting them all but you can imagine it took a lot of time from him and me. I love how photography can take me into a completely new world where I can just have a peek and am allowed to be amazed by it.


With some people you just know they’re going to work out great in front of a camera. Rudy is definitely one of those people. This started out as a shoot for one of my school assignments, but for now I’m not really clear yet on where I’m going with that so.. These are some of the results regardless :)

As my school assignment has to do with muses you can see how the above two photos aren’t really fitting in there ;)

This portrait on the other hand, I love it! Fits a lot better in the muse concept already (I promise to write something more useful about this assignment soon!). And the funny thing is it ended up being made solely with ambient light.. Which I love as well :)

Three of A Kind + 1

Last year I took the promo shots for the great guys from Three of a Kind. I was so lucky for them to ask me again but this time + 1, together with rock n roll singer Claudia they now are Full Force! We had a blast as usual ending up eating junk food. Keeping in mind last years shoot with minus 2 degrees in winter the weather was at least warmer this time. Only the wind..

They still perform with just the guys as well: