Willeke and Jan-Jaap have made the cutest little fluffy girl imaginable and named her ‘Ayla’. Not only a super nice Irish name (I’m sticking with Irish, obviously) but also based on one of my favorite books! How awesome is that. Not only is her name awesome but so is she. It’s very awe inspiring to be with a tiny little human that’s only been around for 13 days. I daresay mom and dad did a great job here cause she is just perfect!

Even cooler, I got to make some photos!


Maybe it’s just cause I’m female but isn’t this just too cute? And this is just her room! I can entertain myself for hours on end with every little thing in any room, but a little baby’s room really is the bees knees for me :)


And there she is! Perfect tiny little feet and ears and fingers and nose and everything. She even had mini hiccups. She can produce far louder than mini sounds too ;)

Awesome. So honored to have been allowed to make these photos. I wish this little family all the love and health in the world.

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