Acts of Happiness: Seth, Shirley and Alette

Last week(end) there were a lot of photo-moments going on. One of them being Seth’s second birthday! Most photographed kid ever already. I think from now on I’ll only visit kids’ birthdays since well, come on. Badass cupcakes are courtesy of Hanna (who you might have spotted earlier in the Hangover Hero photoshoot).

Also I’m so proud to have been a part of this day. Alette graduated cum laude!  She’s just that awesome. Yes. Mind you, this lady will actually change the world :)

More people to be proud of. Shirley finished and printed her first book called ‘Zwart Bloed’. How cool is that, a book! I was allowed to make her press photo and we had some fun running around in the rain in the park with an umbrella together. You can read more info on the book here (and yes, buy it! It’s great, I finished it in one day).

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