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Backstreet Boys in Ahoy

I got to photograph the Backstreet Boys! That is just so, full circle. Those guys are the first concert I ever went to! I think I was 12, together with my best friend Malou. Apparently we giggled about it for days. My dad had bought us tickets (isn’t he the best?).

Either way, when I learned they were touring (as a 5 piece) I just HAD TO GO. Luckily Shantih from Greenhouse Talent also thought I should go so there I was. 12 year old me would probably be screaming and crying hah.

SO, Backstreet’s back ALRIGHT.

What I actually really love about big shows like these, is the stage. I mean really, it’s like a theater. Solid lightplan and all. BAM. Oh and also LOOK AT THE BACKSTREET BOYS (and of course I’m listening to their songs as I’m typing this blog).

Nick Carter ladies and gentlemen. Nick Carter.

Brian and AJ with their quite cool socks. Have to give them props on the socks.

There was a lot of AJ in the show. I can’t remember if it was always like that. But he has a beard now. And tons of tattoos. I think he’s hipster AJ now (fine by me!). Also he has leopard print nailpolish. Not visible in this shot. I’m so sorry. He has some cool colored dots on his right hand though.

I love that just decided to still rock all the dance moves. I used to have their routines memorized ;)

He secretly wants to be in a rockband. I’m sure of it. I googled them and  Nick is now very much inked up as well.

My all time favorite: BRIAN (ok and Kevin is in the shot too). He brought his son to do the support act (see down below).

More Brian. Because I can. And a bit for Wendy. Who is my fellow Brian fan.

See! Rockband aspirations! Kevin was playing keys. I spotted some more guitars on the side of the stage so I’m sure there was more guitarplaying further along in the show.

I managed to get a little Howie in there as well. Needless to say I had a blast. Ahoy was filled to the brim and girls were screaming their lungs out. It was great. I felt giddy all over again hah.

This little guy is Brians son. I had no idea. But the fans told us his name is Baylee. There were fans holding signs with ‘you rock Baylee’. That might have been a hint to us as well ;)

And there was an a-capella support act called The Exchange.


Kunstbende: Zuidplein

Since I made a gazillion photos for Kunstbende i wont post them all. I decided a favorites post would be handy! If not for you, at least I’m happy about it ;)

Somehow I ended up converting the first Image to black and white. And loving it. So my favorites are all black and white!

The first two are both from the metal band that opened that day. They were like “WHATEVER have some METAL for BREAKFAST”. Loved it!

It was lunch time. Really. But still. Rocking it.

This lady had a female drummer with her. Thus. Favorite.

Anouk got second place in the dance category. She was so expressive. Even when you can’t see her face.

How can mister Oscar NOT be in my favorites? This fine gentleman was a great host as usual1

This girl WON the dance category! And I’m in love with this shot of Joyeuse!

The main man! Tim Prins. He tried to teach me to juggle. It failed (as I predicted).

This girl was in the ‘Young Stage’ act. I’m cluesless on who she is but I loved the performance!

And finally the winners for the music category! Atlax & The Fox. These guys were great and I love their songs!

I hope you’re anjoying this black and white phase ;) I don’t think I’m done with it yet!

Sunny day in Hoek van Holland (With Dakota & Kim & Ron)

Yay! There’s a little baby coming and there was a card needed to announce this. Also I got promised hugs and kisses from the CUTEST cutiepie of all: Dakota.

So off to Hoek van Holland I went. WIth my camera. OFC. Where Ron had magically made his awesome jeep appear. So awesome! Ofcourse I wanted to be in it for the ride to the beach. So I was cold in 10 seconds. But no less awesome.



LOOK. It has buttons to signal left and right. It’s so cool.


I’m not sure how I like glitter shoes and military vehicles at the same time but I guess I do. SO cooooool!


Specially with cute girls on them! The little doggy is Dixie. As Dakota announced loudly when I arrived “THIS IS DIXIE”. So. That was cleared up. Dixie can always be found near Dakota. She tried to climb up on the jeep. SUCH CUTE.


I has a stick! And will absolutely not do whatever it is we’re here for.


OH whatever. BYE.


OH WAIT I can chase my dad with it, GREAT!
We were definitely not here to make photos of her chasing her dad with a stick. But as the photo for the card will have the name of the sibling to be on it. I can’t show everything ;)


But I can show the gorgeous mommy!



Obviously I can’t wait to make photos of little baby fingers and feet. For now I’m super happy with this sunny day spent on the beach and drinking hot coco with lovely people.

More girls: Britte, Simone & Nathalie


Finally! I’m so happy about the progress of this series. I also was quite sad when I got sick (you know, cause being on the couch is only fun for so long a time), because I couldn’t finish it. ARGH. Not that it’s finished. But still.

For me the series is more about space, than it is about girls. I think I’ll follow up with guys when I’m ‘done’ with the girl part. The white background is relentless in how it forces the subject to be a certain shape. And I love to play with that (I think black backdrops are much more forgiving).

First off! Lovely Britte! No stranger to me nor my camera. I loved her visit (I mean she brought pudding, come on) and I love making photos of her. She. Is. So. Gorgeous.


Britte is the queen of arms. If there is such a queen. Also the queen of great hair. Oh well lets make her queen of everything.


It’s SO hard to get hands right. Or at least I feel that that’s a hard thing for a model to do. Either it gets very forced or they seem like they’re fake. Not with Britte though. THAT HAND. Oh and the rest of the pic :)


THAT HAIR. That will be all.


For me this is ‘Britte’. As I know and love her. I like capturing moments like these.


Yay Simoon was there too! Or here. Really. I shot all of these in my room ;) (I got some questions to whether or not I have a studio, I eh, kinda do :P).


I just realized I’ve been photographing Simone since before she was allowed to drink alcohol ;) It makes for very easy shoots and with very happy girls when we’re done. We shot a little pic for her band as well. It’s called Bixby and you can check out her facebook page here (click)!


Confession: She is the sole reason I EVER dare to wear red lipstick! Does she rock it or what?


Oh and I had her bring her hat. I love hats. More people should have hats. And I also love this of her with her hat!


If Britte is the queen of hair then Nathalie is the queen of the messy bun. OH and of the killer straight on shot! WOW.


Oh and also. SO gorgeous. That profile. In the arm. The contrast with the black. LOVE it.


Somehow I think of a ballet dancer with this shot. Maybe I should photograph a ballet dancer as well and see what happens. I love it though. Super classic but also a bit of modern.


Nathalie wanted a bit more edgy shots. Which is what this series is for a great deal. So SCORE. I cant say I love it anymore cause I do that with every shot. But well, they’re all my favorites so..

I’m still not quite done with this series. So expect some more, and perhaps boys as well =)

Much love and thanks for reading all the way ;)