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Thyra’s Graduation!


Another graduation! This time it’s Thyras! The photos we made were only part of her greater scheme in which she launched a new lingerie line in a hotel room setting. It was a whole event, and very cool.

We got to make the photos in the Fashion Hotel in Amsterdam, and I got to  meet fabulous Peter Dwars who did the make up on lovely Esmee.

I already knew Thyra was amazing ofcourse, but now she has a little piece of paper to prove it!

What a pair of simple curtains can become :)

Oh and also there was this sexy red piece of the room that just screamed ‘the red set needs to be here’. Thus we did so.

We also shot some details (as you can see). Don’t you just love these little bows? I do!

During the summer I asked for a full out fashion shoot (cause you know, theyre superfun): et voila! It arrived at my doorstep (in Amsterdam but oh well).

Concept & Styling: Thyra Garritsen
Make Up and Hair: Peter Dwars
Model: Esmee
All clothing items are by Hunkemöller!

The Big Flashmob

We’ve been working on this for quite some time. When I say we I mean The Big Yes (click) ofcourse and not myself in plural. We figured we should do fun things to make people happy, and what’s more fun than organizing a flashmob with a choir and snacks for the audience? Right? I don’t know what is.

SO without further ado here it is:

I’m so psyched about it. Not just because it’s a flashmob. But because it took a ton of people to pull it off, and I love how much everyone made this happen. And how talented they all are.

I mean the choir is just fabulous, as is the band ofcourse, and Marieke made super amazing cakepops for the audience to nibble on. Then there was the film crew of six, the amazing Adrie for the audio mix, and then Jasper was running around making photos as well. Just, Wow.

Because there was lots to do right after the flashmob was over I’m afraid we couldn’t get the whole group for this shot. Nevertheless I love it!

Happy people with yummy cakepops! They were either chocolate or vanilla on the inside, surprise!

Did I mention my dad took these photos? And was there to film with us as well? Well he was. And I’m so grateful we get to do such fun stuff together!

In the next few days I’ll be trying to post some more pics of the flashmob as I get them, and I’m also trying to work on some behind the scenes material!

For now feel free to join us on facebook (click) for more regular tadbits of news!

Geert & Stephanie & Melle

On a very very cold but sunny day I travelled to Dordrecht to meet baby Melle. And ooh such a pretty little girl Geert and Stephanie made! Meet little Melle!

Little tiny fingers and a very proud dad!

I love these tiny teensy feet and toes and fingers. Her mom and dad warned me she would probably be fast asleep when I was there. Though the opposite was true! Miss Melle decided the big black clicking thing was very interesting!

But as it goes with little girls, she DID fall asleep eventually ;)

I’m honored to have met this little human being. Thank you so much for having me over Geert and Stephanie!