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Jennifer & Rick

As mentioned before, it’s the month of love here. Jennifer and Rick asked me for a shoot with the two of them together and I jumped to answering yes before they ended their question.

I’ve known Rick for around five years now (yeah that long!) and obviously his guitar was coming with. Jennifer has amazing baking skills so clearly some food was to come as well. What I didnt know was she had en pointe shoes as well (kick me I only know the Irish Dance terms hah). This all made for so much to play with I was and am one happy photographer!

They picked the location and it was amazingly pretty, with even more impressive weather. And also, hello, how cute are these two :)

Jennifer baked cupcakes which we all got to eat during or after the shoot. HURRAY. All shoots should have cupcakes. Just my opinion.

And the final two I’m posting! I’m restraining myself here ;) Cuteness galore! Woo! Can’t wait to do more of these shoots. Fall in love people please. GO. 

Thanks for a great afternoon Jennifer and Rick :D

Veerle & Edwin

Cute couple? Skateboards? Photos? Awesome! This coupleshoot was in Spijkenisse. Please don’t ask me where exactly cause I don’t know. It was very pretty though!

Look at these two pretty people :) They were real troopers cause it was a whopping THREE degrees out there. Seriously not funny! But they got trough it wet and cold and still smiling!

These two have been together for almost 5 years now and living together for 2. Cool fact: Edwin made their longboards! (what longboards? Next photo!)

Isn’t that cool? The one with the flowers is Veerle’s and the one with the monsters on is Edwin’s.

I had a real blast and another couple’s shoot the next day! October is the month of love apparently! :)

Wij Zijn Gestrand

I’ve so totally spammed all of you already with this shoot but I have to blog about it ANYWAY. I mean, inflatable crocodile. Your argument is invalid.

I loved doing this shoot!

Oh and I promised an inflatable crocodile (and also lots of other beach stuff, thank you Pieter/De Beuk and Alicia!).

Do you see the 007 pose boyfriend is pulling off there? Epic. Seriously, any time this guys. Any time.

Also introducing Nigel! By lack of a better term we’ll refer to him as intern. Though I like to see him as ‘cool person hanging around with me doing cool stuff’. You’ll hear more about him for sure =)

Nathalie & Roman

Yaaaaay! That very much summarizes this wedding for me :)

Yay on all fronts. It’s the first wedding I took photos at together with my amazing father! And also my amazing boyfriend was there as an assistent! Things went so well I don’t really want to go anywhere without either of them ever again. Which is very impractical but you catch my drift.

You might have seen a bit of a preview online already via facebook but it wasn’t until last monday we stopped by this lovely couples house with their photos.

The couple I’m talking about are Nathalie and Roman. They had a pretty clear view on their wedding day and what it should and shouldn’t be. Also they were very relaxed about this all! Which made for a great and fun day for everyone!

I’m going to post quite a few so prepare ;)

Don’t you love this location? It’s very urban and refreshing! All Nathalie & Roman =) And also aren’t they just a blast in front of the camera?

If you weren’t convinced yet ;) We all took the subway to the city hall and along the way were able to take some really cool and funny shots!

The amazing bride and groom were a joy to work with and their ceremony was amazing. All day long we felt very welcome and a part of their day. I’m still all bouncy when I look at these photos!

Keep an eye out cause I will be sending some in for a competition which I could use your support for!

PS I’m sorry I absolutely suck at consequent blogging. Maybe admitting this will help ;)